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Monthly Delivery:

Once you’ve signed up for a subscription, your kit will be delivered to you automatically,Your payment method of record will be billed between the 30th and the 1st of each month. The minimum subscription commitment is for three or six months of kits; some subscriptions are also available in a one-month minimum. All subscriptions continue until cancelled. New subscriptions always begin with the following month's shipment; this chart will tell you which will be your first kit. Subscriptions cannot begin with the kits currently in the store, under "Shop."

  • Note: If your credit card changes or the expiration date changes, please log in and click Subscriptions > View > Change Payment on each subscription to update it to avoid failed payments and shipping delays.

We ship subscription kits between the 5th and 12th of each month; occasionally holidays will delay that by a day or two. Planner pages and kits are shipped a month ahead; for instance, February pages are shipped in January to make sure you have them in time to use them.  Memory Keeping kits are shipped in the month designated in the store. You can find a chart toward the bottom of our FAQs. Please note that subscriptions do not earn Daisy Points; there is more detail in our FAQs.

We can only hold subscription kits through the 12th; after that they will be released back to the store for purchase by the public.

Add-on Orders:

On the 28th of each month at 8:00 pm Eastern time, anyone can visit the store ("Shop" in our top menu) to preview of our upcoming kit. While there is no purchasing of the new release on the 28th, Subscribers will receive an email notification of anything added to the store in advance of the product being made available to the general public on the 1st. Depending on availability, some items will not be available until after shipping is complete, mid-month. For subscribers to a full kit (paying at least $8.25 domestic shipping,  $14.50  to Canada or $20.00 International shipping) there will be a free shipping code on the main page of the store (under Shop) that is valid from the 28th through the 1st; you must use it at checkout to have your order shipped free with your kit. We cannot process refunds for forgotten codes. For all other subscribers paying lower shipping costs, you can still order but you will be charged shipping at checkout. Your order may or may not ship with your kits, and we can't process refunds for combined shipping due to the resources that would require.

*Please note that Planner inserts, stamps, Washi Trio, Sticker subscription and Dashboards Only subscribers will be able to shop during early ordering but will be charged shipping, since the shipping costs are lower for those subscriptions. Additional items may or may not ship with your subscription kits

Add-ons ordered through the 1st of each month (Eastern) will be included with your monthly kit. Please note that, although we charge a flat rate for subscriptions and will ship additional orders for free with your kits (if ordered with the code by the 1st of the month), if the actual shipping cost is more than 25% over the flat fee you will be charged for additional shipping in excess of 25% over the flat rate and the parcel will not be shipped until that amount is paid. The shipping code will be good until the 1st of the month; after the 1st of each month we can no longer guarantee that subscribers' add-on orders and their monthly kit will be shipped together with no additional shipping charges. The free shipping code does NOT apply to your monthly subscriptions, only items to be shipped with those subscriptions. The code cannot be used to ship items to a different address from the one your subscription goes to.

 Communication from Cocoa Daisy:

Please note that email is the primary method of communication from Cocoa Daisy, and you agree to open and read emails. Further, it is your responsibility to be sure Cocoa Daisy has a current, working email address at all times.

Cancellation Policy/end of subscription:

If you wish to cancel your membership (or remove elements of your subscription), you must contact us by using the Customer Service form by the 20th of the month. If you have not met your minimum commitment, one-time early cancellation fee of $15 per kit or planner add-on subscription and/or $10 per Classified, sticker subscription, washi trio, paper, stamps, pages, booklet or dashboards subscription will be applied.

Otherwise we will automatically renew your subscription month-to-month at the same price until you notify us that you would like to discontinue your subscription.

Do not cancel by canceling your recurring payments with PayPal; this will not end your commitment to Cocoa Daisy. If canceling a PayPal billing agreement, you will need to either provide Cocoa Daisy with another method of payment, or with a cancellation request.

Changing Your Kit Type:

Please limit your changes to one change event* per month; additional changes each month will carry a $2 charge per change event, including switching subscriptions or removing subscriptions by emailing us. Changes must be made between the 3rd and the 20th of the previous month, at any point in your commitment. Changing your subscription does not re-start your term. There is no early cancellation penalty as long as you retain the same number of subscriptions for the same or longer term, even if you change them. You cannot change from a longer to a shorter subscription mid-term. There are complete instructions for changing your subscription in the FAQs, including a video.

*a single change event can consist of multiple changes on one transaction, or multiple change transactions completed within a few minutes

Late Payments for Subscriptions:

If your payment fails on the first try, the store will automatically re-try for eight days. You will receive an email with a Pay Now button you can use to update payment; we recommend you go ahead and re-enter the old information if, for instance, you add funds later to your payment method. Click here for a video that reviews how to pay after the initial payment fails.

We can only hold kits until the 12th; after that they will be released for purchase by the public.

Skipping a Monthly Kit:

Kits on a membership plan may not be skipped. Please email us if there are extenuating circumstances and we will handle each request on a case by case basis.

Return Policy:

Returns for subscriptions: We do not allow subscription kit returns. All sales are final. If your kit happens to arrive damaged please notify us within 10 days of receipt and we will make arrangements to get a new kit to you. We do require that the damaged kit be returned to us and we will refund your shipping cost. If that month’s kit is no longer available we will refund the costs of the kit.

Returns for non-subscription items:  You may return an item or items in unused, saleable condition for a refund within 30 days of receiving them. Please contact us at mailbox@cocoadaisy.com to alert us of the return, then securely package it back up and ship it back to us. We will refund the cost of the item(s) but we are not able to refund the initial shipping or the return shipping.

Shipping Policy:

We ship our kits primarily using UPS Mail Innovations, which is delivered by the US Postal Service and its international partners. The shipping rates are available on our FAQ page under "What are the shipping rates?". Please note that, although we charge a flat rate for subscriptions and will ship add-ons and other orders for free with your kits (if ordered with the shipping code by the 1st of the month), if the actual shipping cost is more than 25% over the flat fee you will be charged for additional shipping in excess of 25% over the flat rate and the parcel will not be shipped until that amount is paid.

Cocoa Daisy is not responsible for any Customs, taxes or fees charged by the customer's country or other government.

At the time you purchase your subscriptions your invoice will automatically show the full shipping amount for each kit; we will make that adjustment before the first billing date. While the status of your order does not always automatically change to Shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking information. Please search your email for pkginfo@ups.com and no-reply@stamps.com, as we use both systems depending on the time of month the package is shipped.

**Please note: While we wish we could ensure that every package we ship arrives quickly and in perfect condition, sometimes things go wrong in transit. Please contact us for assistance if your package has not arrived 90 days after the last tracking.  We cannot be held responsible for stolen packages if a package has been marked as delivered.

Address or Payment Changes:

All payment and address changes must be made before the 29th of the month to apply to that month's subscription. You may update your credit card details for your subscription in your account by clicking the "Change Payment" button on the subscription. Please also log in to enter all address changes under "addresses" in the My Store Account area, linked at the top of the site, making sure to check the box that says “Update the [shipping or billing] used for all of my active subscriptions.” There's a video in our FAQs. Kits will be held through the 12th of the month; if payment is not made by then the kit will be released and re-sold.

Reproduction and Commercial Use of Product

Cocoa Daisy retains all rights to our products and the images and art they contain. Reproduction of our printed art is strictly forbidden. , Personal use of our printable materials, which can be printed as often as needed, are governed by our digital terms of use. Commercial use of our images is strictly forbidden, whether from purchased physical items or digital files provided on our site. You cannot use our images in your own business, and you must never represent our work as your own.

Payments & Transaction Security:

Encryption of Sensitive Data and Communication

CocoaDaisy.com forces HTTPS for all services using TLS (SSL), including our checkout process, public website and your Cocoa Daisy customer account area. For your convenience, we partner with both Stripe and Paypal to process payments by credit card and/or via PayPal account. Regardless of the payment method you select, no sensitive payment information is handled on the Cocoa Daisy site or stored in the Cocoa Daisy database.

Payment processing via PayPal occurs entirely on PayPal secure servers. The PayPal site platform is both secure and encrypted.

All sensitive data is directly transferred to Stripe without passing through Cocoa Daisy servers, to ensure that payment processing via Stripe is PCI-DSS compliant. All card numbers processed by Stripe are encrypted with AES-256, with decryption keys are stored on separate machines. None of Stripe’s internal servers and daemons are able to obtain plaintext card numbers; instead, they can just request that cards be sent to a service provider on a static whitelist.

We are always happy to answer your questions. Just email us at mailbox@cocoadaisy.com.