Simon Under the Weather Stamp Set PREORDER

Simon Under the Weather Stamp Set PREORDER


Do not order in-stock items on same transaction as preorders.

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This exclusive Cocoa Daisy stamp set, by arleigh, was only available as an a la carte purchase when it was released in December 2016, and was not in any of our kits or add ons. It was available by preorder in June 2017.

PLEASE NOTE: Read all terms carefully; there will be no refunds for misunderstanding of the terms below.

This is a preorder for the Simon Under the Weather stamp set. You must pay when preordering, but the item will not ship for 8 to 10 weeks, due to production time to reissue these stamps. When the stamps come back in stock, they will be automatically shipped to you. You cannot combine shipping with any orders not on the same transaction, and you should ONLY order preorder items on that transaction. If you order in-stock items they will be removed and refunded and you can reorder separately.

All our stamps are made from a non-yellowing photopolymer. Why is photopolymer better? Photopolymer is designed and engineered for ink transfer – meaning that ink transfer is the primary function of photopolymer. The same cannot be said for vinyl, silicone and other plastics. A photopolymer stamp is basically 2nd generation from the digital art. Molded stamps are generally 4th or 5th generation from the digital art. Less steps between the digital art and the finished stamps means higher resolution. Photopolymer also provides a more durable, longer lasting stamp die.