Planner 101 Class Kit (Optional)

Planner 101 Class Kit (Optional)


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Get the exclusive class kit for Planner 101! It contains an exclusive sticker that doesn't appear in any of our other kits, along with other essentials that you'll learn to use in class.

*Image is a sneak preview and does not show all kit contents. Complete photo coming soon.

  • Cocoa Daisy Exclusive Planner Stamp Set
  • Cocoa Daisy Exclusive Planner Charm
  • Cocoa Daisy Exclusive Let's Do This sticker sheet
  • Freckled Fawn yellow Calender Washi Tape
  • Reinforcement Rings 2 sheets per kit
  • Poppin Red ink gel pen
  • Serendipity tabbed sticky notes
  • 1 12×12 clear acrylic sheet 
  • Lime Green Paper clips 3 per kit
  • Custom flower resin paper clip
  • Simple Stories Label stickers