Picket Fence Classified: Planner Edition (May 2019)


Picket Fence Classified: Planner Edition (May 2019)


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Includes an assortment of items to complement our other planner kits; may include stickers, notecards, stamps, ink, clips, or many other items. Not shown before shipping.

SPOILER ALERT: Product listing at the bottom of this description.

Shipping charge is $8.25 in the US, $14.50 to Canada and $20.00 to the rest of the world. Contents may vary slightly within a month, from box to box. One per customer.

















  • Cocoa Daisy exclusive Simon notecard
  • Cocoa Daisy exclusive mini binder clips
  • Cocoa Daisy exclusive stickers, 2 sheets per kit
  • Cocoa Daisy exclusive vellum with silver foil
  • Blue hydrangea washi tape
  • Cocoa Daisy exclusive laminated bookmarks- 2 sizes
  • Single crystal ball charm- blue
  • Cocoa Daisy custom overlay