Just Bloom stamp set

Just Bloom stamp set


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Cocoa Daisy Exclusive “Just Bloom” Stamp Set by arleigh, featuring layered rose stamps. The image includes a size legend. This set was in our April 2016 Main Scrapbook kit, “Looking Glass.”

All of our stamps are made from a non-yellowing photopolymer. Why is photopolymer better? Photopolymer is designed and engineered for ink transfer – meaning that ink transfer is the primary function of photopolymer. The same cannot be said for vinyl, silicone and other plastics. A photopolymer stamp is basically 2nd generation from the digital art. Molded stamps are generally 4th or 5th generation from the digital art. Less steps between the digital art and the finished stamps means higher resolution. Photopolymer also provides a more durable, longer lasting stamp die.