Daisy Dori A5 Booklet Only Subscription

Daisy Dori A5 Booklet Only Subscription

From: $8.50 / month

See planner size comparison chart.
Extras are not available to add on for the next release

Please note that subscriptions will be closed each month from the 28th to the 2nd.


Extras Not in Planner Kit

Pocket Cards are not in any planner kit, but are available to add on. Same as cards in Memory Keeping: Pocket kit

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Sign up for automatic delivery of Cocoa Daisy monthly Daisy Dori A5 Booklets (5.8” x 8.3“) for a discount off the standard monthly price. Your account will be charged on the 1st of each month and your Daisy Dori booklet will be shipped automatically by the 12th of each month until you cancel your subscription. (Early cancellation fees may apply, as outlined in our terms.)

Planners ship the month before they are to be used; for instance, December booklets ship in November. This subscription will start with the booklet shipping in the next calendar month, not with the pictured booklet.  If you’d like the current month’s booklet, please order them from the store if they are available. You can view a chart that shows which will be your first kit.

New! You can now add some of Cocoa Daisy’s exclusives from our main Planner Kit to your Booklet Only subscription. Please view the options in the store to see if you’d like to add them to your subscription. They are the same as the ones that come in the kit.

Shipping rates are as follows: Domestic $3.50, Canada $5.00 and International $9.00.
**Please note that inclusion of washi tape with pages or booklet may increase international shipping by approximately $2.50.

Each month your Daisy Dori booklet will include

  • Kraft cover, embossed on back only
  • Pages include:
    • Monthly Calendar
    • 3 lined journaling pages
    • 11 blank (with design) pages
    • 14 graph paper with 3 sections
    • 10 unlined paper with 3 sections
    • Last page with design

The A5 Daisy Dori is similar in size to the FoxyFix No. 8.


**Please note that Daisy Dori Booklet Only subscribers will be eligible for early ordering but will be charged shipping, as the shipping costs are much lower for booklets only.

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Subscription Term

six month minimum, three month minimum