Classified: Memory Keeping edition subscription

Classified: Memory Keeping edition subscription

17.99 / month

Please note that subscriptions will be closed each month from the 28th to the 2nd.

Please Note: This subscription includes free access to Cocoa Daisy Planner Printables downloads!


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Do you love surprises? We’ve created a little package of goodies for you to subscribe to, but they won’t be fully revealed ahead of time.

It might contain papers, or vellum, or transparencies. It might have tags or tabs or clips or alphas or 3×4 cards or bling. The sky is the limit, allowing Christine to let her imagination run wild. Made up primarily of product from other manufacturers, some months it might coordinate closely with the Memory Keeping kits, but sometimes it might stand on its own. (It will never, ever clash, though–this is Christine we’re talking about!)

This edition is geared to Memory Keeping, both TNMK and Pocket. There may be some variation between individual kits, so not everyone may receive  the exact same items. Generally includes items from other manufacturers. There’s also a Planner edition.

Shipping rates are as follows: Domestic $8.25, Canada $15.50 and International $20.00. Shipping includes not only your Planner kit but any add ons or store items you purchase between the 28th and 1st. A small additional fee may be applied for very heavy packages, as outlined in our terms.