Instructions for Posting to the Cocoa Daisy Forum

The Easiest Way to Include Images, Custom Formatting or Video

How to upload an image directly to your post

(If you’ve already uploaded your photo to the Cocoa Daisy gallery or to another site,  you can use the “BBCode” editing icons to add the image to your post. Scroll down for those instructions.)
[youtube id=yA9RupALc40]

Bold Face
[youtube id=”F247nrwKb0w”]
[youtube id=Dx35-PVj-5I]
[youtube id=2FrKcfvTP7k]
Code (Add a snippet of HTML for others to copy and paste)
[youtube id=3xFuGYKBrWo]
List (bullet points)
[youtube id=r_ei9RyGkCQ]
List= (numbered)
[youtube id=bAnX-ScgXl8]
Img (add an image)
[youtube id=1RqBm0awe_w]
URL (Add a link)
[youtube id=YhlnIbIGLc0]
Font Size and Color
[youtube id=DkqyeMIAmsA]
album (add an image from the Cocoa Daisy gallery)
[youtube id=0QJ6clqUHcM]
hsimg (Add an image that enlarges when clicked)
[youtube id=bbJwxn_yTQU]
Gallery (Browse the Cocoa Daisy Gallery for an image and add it to your post)
[youtube id=wWyVcIPPFCM]
Add a YouTube Video
No special code is needed. Just paste the link to the YouTube page for the video on it’s own line in your post.

Instead of the link, a thumbnail of the video will be displayed.

When the thumbnail is clicked, the page background will darken and the video will open as an overlay.

To close the video, click your mouse on the darkened background area of the page.

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Paper & Ink . . . and stamps!

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Snow Globe . . . and stamps!

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