If I subscribe now, which will be my first kit?

Subscriptions are available between the 2nd and 27th of each month, while supplies last. Occasionally we close a subscription early because we are at capacity for the following month.

New subscriptions always begin with the following month’s shipment and charge on the first of that month. For Scrapbook and Day in the Life kit subscriptions, a subscription purchased in November will begin with the December kit, billing on December 1 and shipping in December.

Planner kits and pages bill and are shipped a month in advance. For instance, the first charge for a subscription created in November is on December 1 for the January planners, shipping December 5-12.

Subscribe in this month First planner kit is shipped in this month First Planner kit will be for
January February March
February March April
March April May
April May June
May June July
June July August
July August September
August September October
September October November
October November December
November December January
December January February

For clarity we call the Planner kits and pages by the month printed on them: “February pages, shipping in January.”