How to check your tracking in your account

We have added the ability to check order tracking in your account. This is primarily for subscription tracking, though it may be possible to add tracking for other orders in the future.

First, please note that if you ordered other items to ship free with your subscription, you will only have order tracking on one order, almost always the subscription order. Here’s how to find it:

  1. Log into your Cocoa Daisy account.
  2. Click Orders on the left.
  3. Look for the order generated on the last day of last month or the first of this month; this is your subscription order. The status should be “Shipped.” Click View on that order.
  4. The tracking information will be at the top of the order; click the Track button to follow your package’s progress.

Please note that, even though orders placed with the free shipping code will ship with your subscriptions, you will only have tracking for one order, almost always the subscription order. If there’s no tracking on that order (or it isn’t marked “Shipped”), click View on any additional orders that are marked Shipped, as the tracking may be there.

Please also note that adding tracking to the store (and generating the tracking email) is a manual process and is not instantaneous when your package ships. International tracking, in particular, takes a few days to get uploaded because of the process required for us to obtain tracking numbers.

You can also follow along with this short video:

This is how it looks on mobile: