How Cocoa Daisy Subscriptions Work

Pick a subscription and a subscription term

During the 28th of the previous month and the 1st of the next month, you can purchase add-ons that will ship with your kit!

Your kit will will ship between the 5th and the 12th of the month

Your curated Cocoa Daisy kit arrives for you to plan and memory keep!

New to Cocoa Daisy or just want a refresher on the details?

Here’s a little run-down on how this whole thing works. Please take a moment to read through it, as many commonly-asked questions are answered below.

What kits are available?

By subscribing you have agreed to the Cocoa Daisy terms.


  • 28th: New release is revealed under "Shop" on our site at 8:00 PM Eastern for viewing only. You can use a time zone converter to determine what time Reveal happens where you are.
  • 29th-1st: Extra items from the latest release are added to the store and an email will be sent when early ordering opens. There will be a free shipping code for qualifying subscribers so that they can purchase items to ship with their kits.
  • 1st: New releases are available to public under "Shop" on our site
  • 30th-1st: All subscriptions are charged (note charges will begin on the 28th in February and continue through the 2nd of March)
  • 2nd:New subscriptions open for the following month (see chart for which kit will begin your subscription)
  • 3rd: First day to make changes or cancellations for next month's shipment
  • 5th: Shipping of subscriptions begins, generally through the 12th, sometimes a day or two longer due to weekends and holidays
  • 13th: If you don't yet have a shipping notice, email for your tracking number
  • 15th: Mood board email goes out. Sneak peeks of the next kits begin to show up on Instagram, Facebook, and the Cocoa Daisy Planner Fans Facebook group.
  • 20th: Deadline to cancel subscriptions for the coming month
  • 21st: Sneak peeks of the next kits go out in an email (and are also posted to Instagram, Facebook, and the Cocoa Daisy Planner Fans Facebook group).
  • 27th: Last day to subscribe or change subscriptions (subscriptions sometimes close sooner if we reach capacity)

At 8:00 PM Eastern on the 28th of each month, the store will be in Preview mode and you will be able to view (but not purchase) all of the new releases. Subscribers should watch for an email between the 29th & 1st, announcing that early ordering is available.

During early ordering, you must log in to order. If you go to the store without logging in, all you’ll see is “watch for an email that this kit is available” until the kits go on sale to the public on the 1st of the month. If you are a subscriber to a kit (TNMK, Pocket Memory Keeping, Planner Kit, Planner Add On or Classified Edition), you’ll see a free shipping code on the first page of the store (“Shop”) when you log in on the 29th. You must use that code to remove the shipping charge from your order to ship with your subscription. You’ll always pay shipping on your subscription itself.

enter the code on shopping cart page

or click the link in the bar on the checkout page:

If you subscribe to pages, booklet, washi, stamps, stickers or dashboards (or some combination of those), you will still have early ordering access! However, due to shipping costs, you won't have a coupon code and you will be charged shipping on your purchases and they may or may not ship with your subscription(s).

Items ordered with the free shipping code from 9:00 PM Eastern on the 28th through midnight on the 1st of each month will be included with your monthly kit. If you are an eligible subscriber, no additional shipping charges are applied except as noted below and in our FAQs. Beginning the 2nd day of each month, we can no longer guarantee subscribers that their add-on orders and monthly kit will be shipped together, and shipping will be charged. We cannot give refunds of shipping charges incurred after the 1st or because the free shipping code was not used.


Q: I subscribe to multiple kits. Will you combine them for the lowest shipping rate?

A: If you subscribe to multiple kits we will combine shipping to give you the best/lowest possible rate; your purchase of the second kit will initially show shipping but we’ll adjust that after the fact. You will be charged the highest rate for any of the kits you subscribe to. For example: If you are a Domestic customer purchasing both a Memory Keeping: 12×12 kit and Memory Keeping: Pocket kit subscriptions your shipping would only be $10.00. Or, if you purchased the Memory Keeping: Pocket kit and Planner pages-only subscriptions your shipping would only be $8.25. The same logic applies to International rates. No additional shipping charges are applied unless either noted in the add-on description or if the actual shipping cost is more than 25% over the flat fee; in those cases you will be charged for the difference between 125% of  the rate you paid and actual shipping and the parcel will not be shipped until that amount is paid. Shipping rates are available on our FAQ page.

Q: What if I don’t see the shipping code between the 29th and 1st, even though I subscribe to a full kit?

A: First, you have to be logged in. The code will appear the morning of the 29th, before early ordering opens.  Make sure you click Shop from the main menu. Then check your subscriptions under “My Store Account” at the top right of the store after you’ve logged in; if something you subscribe to seems to be missing, check to be sure you are in the correct account (some people have accounts under multiple emails). If that’s not it, please email us at If you check your subscriptions ahead of time you can avoid disappointment at Reveal time.

Q: Do I need to order the kit I subscribe to?

A: No. Anything you subscribe to will be automatically billed on the 1st and shipped between the 5th and 12th (with occasional delays due to holidays, etc).

If you have more questions (or just want to know everything there is to know about Cocoa Daisy, our kits, and Reveal), please check out our FAQ page.