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Have your memory-keeping spreads felt flat, dull, or lacking that “wow” factor? Why not try creating contrast? There are so many ways to create contrast on a page – light and dark, bright and muted, smooth and texture. By creating contrast, you give your spread energy and can make the subject of your spread pop. You can also create contrast with the story you tell, like documenting a morning and evening routine, a sad moment juxtaposed to a joyful moment. The possibilities are endless!

A simple piece of cardstock can really boost a spread, as Jennie demonstrates here.

“Contrast on my pages is one of my favorite things to create. I do this on nearly every project.

For these pocket pages, I did one main thing to create this effect. I mounted the 6″x8″ page on navy cardstock and both of the 3″x4″ photos. This really helped both things pop off the page. In addition to this, in the large white space on the page, I stamped two separate stamps from the Cactus Moon Memory Keeping Stamp Set using navy blue ink. I love the way it really stands out against the white page.

I finished the page with lighter die cuts from the Cactus Moon Modern Memory Keeping Kit to heighten the dark and light contrast.  Here is a look at how this spread came together!”


Natasha used contrast in three ways for this stunning spread.

“In this project, I wanted to show contrast in a variety of ways- definitely through color which is vivid throughout this month’s collection with lots of moody deep blues and purples with the soft pinks and teals. Another way we can create contrast is through texture. Lastly, we can create contrast with the subject of a layout- this was the main reason I was drawn to the Traveler’s Notebook sized journal card from the Cactus Moon Traveler’s Notebook Memory Keeping Kit with the quote “the darkest night produce the brightest stars.”

By creating a mixed media background I was able to achieve these three things, and I just adore how this came out! Some memory keepers are nervous to play with mixed media but I encourage you to give it a try with a product like this journal card that already has a whimsical vibe. You’re just adding to the magic that’s there.

To finish off my project, I added a flip-up card that includes a selfie and a spot for hidden journaling on the other side of the card. I stapled the succulent art ephemera piece to my 6×8 sized patterned paper from the Cactus Moon Traveler’s Notebook Memory Keeping Kit to serve as a closure for my flip up- it tucks in so perfectly!

How will you add contrast to your designs? Share with us by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page and the Cocoa Daisy YouTube Channel for more inspiration.


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