Inspiring Memory Keeping with a Grid Design

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Grid designs in memory keeping and planning are always popular because they make pulling a layout together simple and easy. The design is perfect for organizing photos and embellishments in a way that balances the layout. It’s the theme for today’s post and we have four inspiring layouts from our design team to share with you today. Let’s begin with a memory planner page from Kristine.

She notes, “As a math teacher and person who just loves graphic shapes, the grid is right up my alley. I decided it would be the perfect way to document the crazy election week in the US this month!”

“On the left side, I used sticker letters to spell out my title, skewing the last couple letters to make it look like it’s falling apart, which is kind of how that week felt to me, haha. A little critter with a thought bubble finished off that page, leaving tons and tons of space for me to jot down my thoughts on the election.”

“One thing the election spawned a lot of this year was memes. People looked for a way to find humor in the unprecedented events of the week, and they definitely delivered! I collected screenshots of my favorites, and rather than just print them out and stick them down, I thought it would be fun to make little flip-up squares and put one meme on the back of each.”

“I used a scoring tool to score across the top of each square, creating an easy way to flip them up and see the meme on the back. Various die cuts, attached with foam tape, added some fun to the front of each square.”

Next we have a 12×12 layout from Brande. “A grid design is one of my favourite ways to showcase multiple pattern papers and all the embellishments! For this one I am using the Acorn Lane collection and all the things I could find in a blue and orange tones!”

“I cut a 3×3 square off my most favourite pattern papers in this colour palette, backed them with white cars stock and roughed up the edges to give some dimension. Before adhering these squares to the page in a grid design I did a little bit of water colour in blue behind. From there I added this fun photo and ALL the embellishments in these colours. I love layering and clustering die cuts, stickers and chipboard- the multiple textures makes me happy! I may have gone a touch overboard but regret nothing. Tee hee.”

“I finished it off with some splatters using some slightly watered down white acrylic paint. I will add my journaling on the white cardstock below the photo before I slide it into its forever home in my 2019 Memories Album.”

Rachel is also sharing a grid design in her memory planner. “If you like working with a grid design, then you will love this style of memory keeping! This memory planner has a grid template already on the page, making it really easy to put a spread together.”

“For this spread, I trimmed several of the papers from the Acorn Lane kit to fit inside the weekly boxes. I keep a little stack of them to pull from when I am working in my memory planner. Like pocket cards, these mini boxes make a great base for decorative clusters, a journaling spot or a photo. I also pulled a few of the pocket cards, including a 4×6 card to use within the boxes as well.”

“After I placed the photos and patterned boxes around the page, I embellished the page with stamps, die cuts, stickers and washi. Even though this week was from September, I had no trouble pulling embellishment to help tell this week’s stories. To add some hidden journaling, I created a pocket using one the vellum pocket cards. I love being able to add interactive elements to my memory planner!”

“Check out my process video to see how this spread came together.”

Our final design is a traveler’s notebook 2 page layout by Odessa who said, “Grid layouts are so fun and I like to have fun with them. I had some extra autumn-y photos left after filling up the pockets of my 2020 album so I decided to go a little abstract with one of them.”

“I cut up a 4×6 photo into 6 – 2×2 squares. Using a couple of the grid pages from the Acorn Lane Traveler’s Notebook insert as a guide, I placed them down on the paper. Instead of putting them all together I laid them all spaced out as part of a larger 3×4 grid on the paper.”

“I used all sorts of embellishments to fill in the blanks like plain patterned stickers from the Memory Keeping Sticker Kit, lots of chipboard from both Memory Keeping Kits, shiny washi, phrase stickers, rub ons and more. I used a mix of the kits here and just went for it while adding embellishments. The square with the “good things” rub on is probably my favourite.”

“The intimate size of a Traveler’s Notebook spread makes it a little less intimidating to just cut up a photo and put things all over in ways I might not have tried on a more formal page on my yearly pocket page album. If you have some extra photos around give it a try!”

We hope you enjoyed your time with us today and that you are inspired to use a grid design in one of your memory keeping or planner layouts. Please show us what you are making by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting in our Cocoa Daisy Fans facebook group.

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