3 Ways To Add More Photos Into Your Simple Dori Layout


Hi everyone!  Ria here.  I bet you’re as excited as I am about the new Traveler’s Notebook Memory Keeping Kit! Each TNMK kit contains a Simple Dori that makes scrapbooking really easy and fast.  Today, I’m sharing with you 3 ways you can add more photos into your Simple Dori or any Traveler’s notebook layout.

1. Use pockets.  You can actually make your own pocket using cardstock.  I used this lovely pocket that came in the Snow Globe Planner kit.  I got some 3×4 pocket cards and attached smaller photos on them.  The pocket can probably fit up to 5 cards.

2. Make a panoramic layout.  Extend your spread by adding paper to either sides of your layout and attach them with washi tape.   On this lay out, I trimmed the cardstock and stuck it directly on top of the left panel.   I also scored the paper, so that it will fit neatly into the Traveler’s notebook when it closes.   Love how the spread becomes more panoramic!   It gives you more space to add more photos.  I added another pocket from the Snow Globe Planner kit to add more photos.

3. Make a ‘Waterfall” of pics.  This is just basically layering one photo over another in a cascading manner.   I started by adhering the top of the first photo with washi tape. The consecutive photos are adhered about a few centimetres lower than the previous ones.


I’m loving the Simple Dori so much and am excited to receive the TNMK kit! Thank you so much for reading, Daisies! Do you have any more ideas about how to add more photos to your spread? I’d love for you to share them in the comments section.


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