How I Organize My Cocoa Daisy Kits for Easy-Access All Month Long!

There’s always a lot of chatter about how we store our Cocoa Daisy kits in the long-term (“What do you do with your old kits once you receive the new goodies?”), but the question I’m going to answer today is how I store my Cocoa Daisy kits in the SHORT term, while I’m using them!

Because I document all month long with a story journal, CD kits are often on my desk for 2-3 months at a time, which means MULTIPLE CD kits are on my desk at one time! Eeek!  So early on, I was very concerned as to how I would store these kits in the short term to make them easy to access (if it’s not on my desk, I’m not using it!) but still organized in a manner that doesn’t make my desktop a mess forever.

I don’t like keeping my kits in the bags they come in, and I mix all my kits together so that I can pull from them all while scrapping, so I needed a way to keep them visual and organized.  I found a solution for me that involves 1 basket, 1 acrylic makeup drawer and the paper clips that come with every CD planner kit – easy peasy!

First, all my papers and larger paper strips get paper clipped together and labeled with the month they come from and stored UNDER the rest of my product.  I initially tried a system where they were stored vertically, but that led to a lot of bent paper as they sagged over the course of a few months.

On top of the papers is a wire basket I believe came from the target dollar spot – they have baskets of all sorts there all the time – which houses the rest of the kit.  In the front I have things like the cute little jars of sequins, ink pads and whatever mixed media items came in the kit and then behind those are the smaller packages of more dimensional items.

I like to store my product in ascending size order to make it easier to see, so next usually comes all the adorable sticker sheets and alpha sheets from the kits.

Working my way up in height, behind the stickers are the stamps, doris, paper strips that are shorter than 12″ but still pretty large, and then large alphas.

Also in the basket, I keep this cute acrylic 4×8 drawer from the bathroom/makeup organization section at Target. It houses all of my “loose” items.  On top is usually the washi rolls, paperclips, and anything that’s a bit on the chunky side. 

Under that we have the smaller paper strips and journal cards because they are large and easy to pull out of the drawer in a big group so I can get at the smaller items below.  

Speaking of smaller items, all my die cuts, frames, acrylic pieces, etc go on the very bottom of the drawer to keep them contained!  After using this system for  few months now, I find it easy to access all my supplies AND keep them cleaned up throughout the month! Win/win!

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