August Planner Setup!

I am super excited about this kit for a lot of reasons (yes, I know I say that every month, but it’s true!) This month has a theme of bees and tea with the perfect nod to Alice in Wonderland. I also happen to LOVE hexagons, and this kit is chock-full of them!

I decided to use personal wide rings this month. Cocoa Daisy doesn’t currently offer the ring bound kit in the personal wide size but they do offer the B6 Dori which is sooooooo close in size. I simply took the staples out of the booklet and trimmed the pages down a smudge with my paper trimmer and I  have a perfect fit!

I’ll be using the weekly pages from the dori for my planning each week. One of my favorite things to do on these pages is add a few date stickers to create a weekly habit/task tracker!


Each month, I also trim down some of the beautiful patterned paper and add the tabs and stickers from the main planner kit. They have quickly become my favorite dividers. (Hint: mix it up with top tabs and side tabs for even more planner fun!)

I also love the personal size stripe pages for listing a gratitude or thankful thought for each day. Even though they are different size than the rest of my pages, I love the layered look!


Each month, I am amazed on the attention to detail Christine puts in to each kit item. This month is no different. Here are few of the accents that I think make any planner happier!

This month, I branched out and tried something totally new to me! I attempted a pocket folder made from paper and lamination. I am happy to report it turned out beautifully and I hope to get a video filmed for you!

Lastly, I’d like to leave you with a “planner-trend” that I’m currently loving! Many people are taking wash and laminating it to make a wash dashboard / insert and I had to try it! I used the washi from this month’s kits and I think it’s perfect! Tricia Romo has a wonderful YouTube video showing how to do this!


Thanks for following along! I hope I left you with some planner inspiration! Happy planning!

Jennifer Crowder



  1. Simone Schermann

    I love the way you set up your planner every month! And guess what? I made a washi dashboard as well … LOL.

    • Jennifer Crowder

      Thanks, Simone! I can’t wait to see the dashboard! <3

  2. Lisa Faris

    Where do you find personal wide planners with rings to hold the B6 you trimmed. I love this idea.

    • Jennifer Crowder

      The only ones that I am aware of are the ones from foxy Fix. You can use the regular personal size snap closure (like the one I have here) or they make actual personal wide binders that will work as well!

  3. Suzanne

    I would love it if Cocoa Daisy would make a personal wide! Any hope on the horizon?

    • Jennifer Crowder

      From what I’ve heard, the designer, Arleigh, is currently at capacity with the current sizes.


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