How I Organize Past Cocoa Daisy Kits

Every month when my gorgeous yellow polka dotted box hits my doorstep, I’m SO EXCITED to use the heck out of all my new goodies, as I know you are too!  Because I receive all the Cocoa Daisy kits, I end up with SO MUCH product that I often make 2 full project life spreads plus 3 or more layouts with each kit.  But even getting that much use out of it, I still end up with leftovers each month.

After receiving 6 or so kits, I was faced with a decision to make, do I incorporate all my CD product into my regular stash, or do I keep it together?  Because I’m on the design team, my decision was easy…of course I wanted to have all this gorgeous product handy to mix and match with new CD product each month…but how to organize it?  If I kept it all separated out and divided by kit, I was less likely to use it, so I needed to have it all together and handy.

I looked high and low for a tray that would accommodate my needs, but after having no luck, I decided to make a divided tray out of a couple old Cocoa Daisy boxes.  Now, I’m not going to put a step by step up on how to do this, because I basically just taped a box up real tight and cut dividers out of cardboard, but you can see that I have a tray-within-a-tray situation going on here.

In the main middle section, I keep all my paper scraps and stickers, sorted by kit still. I like to keep the kits clustered together, even though I do mix and match them all the time.  In the small tray on the left of that are all the paper clips, patches, acrylic pieces, etc that I haven’t used.  And behind that is a nice little section for all of those adorable designer note pads and sticky tabs.

Behind the scrap paper and stickers section is a place for all my die cuts, still packaged by month and the long section on the right hand side holds all my wash, paints, ink pads and sequins.

In the very back I store my stamps and alphas.  Because the whole tray is a CD box, it fits the leftover 12×12 papers as well, but I found that I wasn’t using those as often when I was storing them in this way, so they got sorted into my regular paper stash.

I hope this little peek into my CD organization helps inspire you!

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