Tips and Tricks with Odessa

Hi! Odessa here with my first post on the Memory Keeping team with some tips and tricks I used putting together this layout. I am having so much fun with the November kits! I’m loving the colours and all the fantastic elements in the kits. Everything I used in this layout is from the November Memory Keeping Pocket Kit except for the red alpha stickers I used for the number 20 which are from the November Memory Keeping 12×12 kit.

In this layout there are a few main principals I applied. These things are composition tricks and elements I always keep in my back pocket because they always help me put together a cohesive layout while having a lot of fun with it.

Alpha stickers for emphasis – I love alpha stickers. There’s not enough space for me to write out everything in them, so I like to pull out an important word or phrase in my captions and spell it out in alphas to draw the eyes to what I’m saying in my words and pictures.

Balance – I’m an all the things kind of person so my pages lean a little heavy. Even so, maintaining balance is really important to me. There are so many ways I consciously balanced this page. When I laid the pictures out I had two light ones and one intense red one. I used one of the papers from the Memory Keeping Pocket Kits cut down to 3×4 in a rich red and added some cute embellishments. I placed each colour pair across from each other diagonally to balance out the page.  I also paired the red pockets with blue accents and the lighter pockets with green accents. The lighter pockets each have a green word using the alpha stickers from the Memory Keeping Pocket Kits on them to create further harmony. Before I add a single sticker or journal card I always look at the pictures I have in front of me and identify major themes or colours so I can figure out where I need to go from there.

Journalling right on photos – I like to use graphic journaling cards (or make them in this case) and in smaller layouts there just isn’t room for both a graphic card and a journal card. So I make sure to pick photos with good negative space (or pull out the labels) and write right on them. I make sure to keep white and black pens that write well on glossy photos handy on my desk so I’m ready when inspiration strikes!

I hope those tips help you next time you sit down to make your next layout!


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