To Pattern Paper Or To Not Pattern Paper

Do you often ask yourself… “To pattern paper or to not pattern paper?”
That is the question!
When I first started scrapbooking patter papers scared the scrap out of me!
I would look at the mix of colours, bold designs and irrelevant text and think NO NO NO NO NO give me cardstock!!
But nowadays I love pattern paper.
I love bold prints, geometrics, splashes of colour and text papers… one of my favourite!
So what happened??
I’m sure there was a defining, light bulb moment but I think it crept up on me, evolved if you will, just as my pages did.


So the first tip is to pick pattern papers that you like.
It’s no good hoarding papers that bring you down!
Papers that make you happy are the best papers to have around, wouldn’t you agree?
So for me I don’t like small polka dots but I loooove circles.

Created using October 2014 Cocoa Daisy kits


Second tip is to mix it up!
Mixing patterns can freak people out but it can really work in your favour

Created using the July 2015 Cocoa Daisy kits


When it comes to papers with text don’t fret!
Text doesn’t always have to do the talking.
It might not say what you want but switch it around…
And it fits a theme perfectly when it’s turned upside down…

Created using the March 2016 Cocoa Daisy kits

And then every now and then you will come across a paper that sings busy.
What do you do??
Sing along with it, of course!

Created using the March 2015 Cocoa Daisy kits

Hopefully this has tempted you to gather some pattern paper around you.
It’s given you some hints on how to use it and most of all it might have inspired you to get creating.
Because whether it’s patterned or it’s cardstock remember…
it’s paper and you can cut it anyway you like.

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  1. Julie B

    Fabulous post, Sharmaine! I love pp but sometimes just don’t know what to do and will often turn to your gallery for inspiration……so thank you. Love the advice you gave to your daughter….go forth and turn the world upside down.


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