Scrap Room Tour with Doris Sander

Hello!  It’s Doris Sander here to share a tour of my craftroom with you today.  I like to start out each year with a clean space, but it doesn’t stay that way for long.  The sun happened to come out just as I finished my tidying, so I thought that was a sign that I should take some new pictures of it, which was fortunate as now I can share it with you today!

I have two very large tables running galley style down the sides of the room.  This is so awesome as it gives me lots of work space to spread out and have more than one project going at the same time.  It also gives my son a nice space to do his homework and play legos or friends to scrap with me when they come over.


This is my son’s old changing table from when he was a wee baby.  I repurposed it when he outgrew it and it now holds my patterned papers, stickers, punches, Thickers, and so much more.  I love that it holds so much in a contained space.  I love even more that it has such sweet memories attached.


Here is the little corner behind my computer station.  Surprisingly, this is the place that gets the messiest.  It is the catchall area for receipts, ephemera, and just all sorts of random paper bits.  I need to be more disciplined about dealing with this sort of thing more than once a year!


This table is actually a vintage library table.  Aren’t the cubbies fabulous?  I have my ribbon collection arranged across them in Roy G. Biv fashion.  Although I don’t use the ribbon as much as I once did, I think it is a lovely decorative element.  Across the top of the cubbies, I keep trays with my kits in them.  This has been the best method for keeping kits organized and active.


These tall shelves are at the back of the room and hold all sorts of little bits.


Some of my very favorite bits are housed in the little vintage drawer and glitter box in the middle here.


Here is a peek inside.  I just adore using tags, doilies, labels, and whatnot on my layouts.  This just makes me happy to look at (and use)!


This is the wall above my second table.  My stamps are in a vintage receipt holder, my embossing powders, paints, and inks are in a Pottery Barn tiered tray, and lots of fun things are housed in a jar collection in the Pottery Barn shelf.


Here is a close up view of my wooden stamps, a crochet work in progress, and an armadillo from my collection.


And finally, a shot of my Cocoa Daisy Day Planner in action.  Now that my room is tidy, I can cross it off my list and get busy on my next crafty project!


  1. Julie B

    You can come over and organize my space any time you’d like! LOL!

  2. Susanne

    Wow, those large tables make me envious. You are looking very organized. Where do you get the trays that you use for kits – are they square or rectangular? Thanks for sharing, Doris.

  3. Angela

    what a fabulous, airy and organised room.

  4. Bethany

    Beautiful space! So well organized and the wood is fabulous!


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