Project Art – April

Heeeelllooo! Have you been curious about zentangles? The Project Art kit for April contains a Zentangle set with the perfect tools for zentangling + 5 zentangle tiles in the size 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches. The Zentangle workbook is filled with ideas for patterns as well as for techniques and tools for colouring and shading you designs. There are also serveral pages in the book where you can practice drawing and colouring Zentangle patterns. The Project Art kit also contains two Twinkiling H2Os – beautifully shimmering watercolours from Luminarte.

I started out by playing around with different patterns on one of the cards that came with the Zentangle kit. The workbook is great for inspiration.

litet kort

This is another practice/experiment where I used one of the patterns from the book (the pattern is called “This way” and can be found on page 13) and then added some shading using a pencil and a blending stump. I am thinking that you can draw patterns and colour them or shade them as you wish and then use pieces of the drawings in your art journaling. Either by tearing pieces of the paper or by die cutting, for example circles out of the drawings.

another example

I started my first page by stamping the fab dotted circle from the main kit stamp set. I then drew four petals that I filled with different patterns.


Filling in the black around the circles makes such a difference!


I then wrote my journaling around the petals and added Twinkling H2Os to my page. I added a tiny bit of shading using a pencil and I found a couple of perfect die cuts in the April main kit.

april klar

Another idea that I had was to use the Zentangle patterns, but in a more “messy” way. I created a quick background with Distress Paint and took out a pen that I know is ok to use on top of acrylic paint (I am not sure that the Sigmas would be happy about that) and a messy pattern inspired by one of the patterns in the book. I think this is something I want to experiment more with – messy doodling with a Zentangle pattern as inspiration!

slarvig zentangle

My next page was started without a particular plan, with inspiration from the designs in the book.


I kept drawing and it really is very relaxing and calming to draw like this! After a while I got a better idea of what I direction I wanted for my whole page and I erased some of the pencil lines and added some Twinklings.


My finished page is dominated by the drawing. I had many ideas along the way, but in the end I didn’t want to cover my drawing up too much.

relax klar

I really love the idea of framing a zentangle though. Perhaps that will be my next page – drawing a pattern and then choosing a smaller part of it to add within the frame.

exempel ram

I hope you enjoy your kit and that the sun is shining in your part of the world, just like it is here in Sweden today! Have a nice day!


  1. Julie B

    Oh, my! This is stunning, Anna. Thank you!


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