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Hi Daisies! I hope you have all seen the wonderful images and items in June’s Boho Garden kit and add-on’s by now! It is so full of color and bold designs. Everyone has different styles and taste in products and designs, so for those of you who might feel a bit intimidated or unsure of the exclusive Cocoa Daisy “botanical ” paper this month, I am happy to share a few ideas on facing that fear! The first and most important piece of advice I can give you is to remember it’s just scraps! What I mean by that is don’t let paper or products scare you to the point where you just shuffle them to the bottom of the box and don’t use them. One of the best parts of getting miscellaneous things in a kit each month is that some of the products will push you, challenge you, or just plain inspire you even though you might not have picked that particular item on your own. Take the things in your kit and just play around and sometimes you will be very surprised how you love something when you might have been tempted to dismiss it.

My other piece of advice is to break something like bold, patterned paper down. That’s it…cut it up! Punch it, stamp, paint or draw on it and just see what happens! I used a variety of punches and also drew and hand-cut a fun shape with my paper. Here are the results:



If you have a die-cutting tool this kind of paper is perfect for that. Choose some of your favorite shapes, or try a new one altogether. The patterns take on new and delightful looks as you break them down a bit. Even simple journaling cards are fun and all the shapes and cut-outs are ready to be used on layouts, cards, PL spreads or strung together to form a unique banner if you like! The possibilities are endless!

Here are a few peeks of some cut-outs of this paper in action. I used the fun orange and white side of the paper and added a tag and tab to one of my pages.



Denise did some fussy-cutting and came up with a beautiful result on her page too!


You can browse the design team galleries and get lots more inspiration for this paper and everything else in the kits right here. We are all excited for you to get your June kit and look forward to seeing the Cocoa Daisy gallery fill up with amazing pages and projects soon after that! Get ready to play and have fun with everything in your boxes~ even the parts that make you say, “hmmm”! Happy scrapping!

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  1. Julie B

    Thank you for the inspiration……you always do.


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