Product Focus-Photo Corners

I am going to sub-title this post Necessity Is The Mother of Invention.  When I opened my kit I organized everything and put my black and white photo corners to the side to use on my first layout.  I came back the next day and said photo corners were no where to be found.  I looked and looked and finally saw them, on a project on my daughter’s desk in our shared scrap room!  Out of everything in the kit that’s what she picked   to use so there you go, photo corners are all the rage lol!  Luckily I had some in my stash so if the ones in my pictures look a wee bit different than the ones you will get in your kit, now you know why…they are the exact same size though.

What struck me about the February Journal Entry kits were the colors…such bold, beautiful colors balanced with the b&w.  I knew right away I wanted to paint my photo corners so they would pop off the page.  I used a little acrylic paint in coordinating colors and less than a minute later had color coordinated corners for my layout.



And here they are on my layout, I used some of them as traditional photo corners and layered a couple of them to use as an embellishment.  Honestly it’s been a while since I used a photo corner and I love that Christine use this oldie but goodie in the Journal Entry kit, it challenged me to use them in a fun new way that I hope has inspired you!





  1. Lynda Crust

    If only I saw this yesterday as I struggled with using my box of 10 yr. old photo corners! I couldn’t seem to make any of them work with the colors in my L.O. and my colors are limited. Fortunately, I haven’t adhered the corners as yet…now to find the color paint I need (or thinking mists or washi? Thanks for posting your solution…inspirational!

  2. LauraC- Michigan

    Martha! WOW – love this! Mother of Invention led to a totall WOW!

  3. Kimberly

    Very clever idea to paint them! Will have to remember that 🙂 Love the layout, the layers are just perfect!


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