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When I received my April Hint of Sunshine kit I literally gasped when I saw the gold glitter with stars that was included!  I knew I had to focus on it in a fun way and am sharing today how I created star shaped pockets of glitter on one of my layouts.

Hint Of Sunshine Martha Bonneau


Here are step by step instruction on how I made my glitter stars, check back at reveal to see the full LO.


Product Focus Martha Bonneau


To create this effect, you will only need 3 items.  Patterned paper of your choice from the Hint of Sunshine kit, glitter, and a page protector that you will be cutting up.  I had one that had ripped so I recycled it for this project.  I used my sewing machine but you could certainly sew this by hand as well, I will post up some tips on how to accomplish this throughout the steps.  I used sewing throughout as I have a 5 yo who I knew would be shaking the LO to see the glitter move so I wanted it to be extra secure!

Product Focus Martha Bonneau


The first step is to cut your page protector down a little larger than your cluster of stars (or whatever shape you choose).  You will be using both layers of the protector as you will be filling it with glitter.  Once you have it cut down, lay it over your cut-out and trace around your stars.  Your tracing does not have to be perfect and will not show. Trace larger than your star as you do not want the next step to show from the front.  Use a sharpie or other permanent marker, I didn’t and my stars smeared during the next step, not a big deal but I ended up with inky hands!

Product Focus Martha Bonneau


Next you will run your protector through your sewing machine sewing along the lines you traced.  Do not sew all the way around, leave 1 side open as you will be filling it with glitter.  If you are not using a sewing machine, you could use adhesive or hand stitch to secure the 2 layers of the protector ensuring you leave channels to insert the glitter in the next step.

Product Focus Martha Bonneau


Next fill your stars with glitter and then finish closing them up with your sewing machine or adhesive.  The bonus part of this step…glittery fingers!

Product focus Martha Bonneau


Once they are all filled and all sewing is complete, layer the protector behind your cutout. This is what it looks like on the reverse side, by tracing larger than my cutouts, my stitches do not show from the front.  Run some adhesive on the back of your PP and adhere the transparency.

Product Focus Martha Bonneau


I finished off my stars by sewing around them on the front, this step isn’t necessary but I liked the effect it created!  If you aren’t using a sewing machine you can hand stitch around the stars first and then adhere your pockets of stars to the back  to achieve the same look.

I hope this inspired you and gave you some ideas on how to use the glitter in your kit….I cannot wait to see the gallery filled with glittery creations!

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  1. Vickie Farrow

    I don’t know what I would do without these tutorials. Thank you. Love this starry idea!

  2. Laura

    Ooh! I want to get the sewing machine out now!! 🙂

  3. MichelleGB

    Love this idea!

  4. Marti Richards

    Cool idea! Thank you for sharing. 🙂


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