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What could be better than a fresh, new week in your planner! Even better is getting to embellish your planner pages with the Cactus Moon Collection.

Traci is making room on her planner pages for the fun stuff – decorating!

“Since I’m leaning a lot more on my Google Calendar this year for to-do lists, micro-planning, and time blocking, I’m freer in my paper planner to really get decorative! I’m loving the Cactus Moon Classic Vertical Inserts and the Cactus Moon Classic Sticker Kit to plan quickly and seamlessly!

The bonus label stickers in the Cactus Moon Classified: Memory Keeping Kit this month were a delight because I dislike writing directly in my planner!”

Cheryl’s personal ring size planner has all the fun and function!

“This month I did all my planning in the Cactus Moon Personal Size Inserts. I love the size of the pages (3.75″ x 6.75″) as they are not too big yet are still large enough to write everything I need down.

I used the grid note page for my tracking. I love the Hydrate sticker from the Cactus Moon Planner Sticker Kit– I never drink enough so this is a reminder to complete each day. This is also a great place for me to write my weekly menu ideas – this makes it easier to go grocery shopping! Lastly, I use the small M-S sticker for marking how I feel each day – I circle the days I have a headache so that I can track how many migraines I have.

I used stickers from the Cactus Moon Planner Kit and Cactus Moon Planner Add-On Kit for my pages. I love how easy they are to layer! The deco sticker and the weekday stickers coordinate perfectly!

In the bottom right-hand corner I have the “Water Plants” which is one of my favorite little reminder stickers. I used the green alphabet stickers from the Cactus Moon Planner Kit to write out family members’ birthdays.

This Cactus Moon Planner Kit also came with a sticky pen loop! I attached it to a dashboard so that my pen is always with me for planning and note-taking!”


Karma has her monthly pages all ready to go in her Hobonichi Weeks planner, thanks to the Cactus Moon Calendar Daisy Weeks Sticker Kit and the Cactus Moon Daisy Weeks Sticker Kit.

“Did you know that Cocoa Daisy makes the PERFECT sticker collection kits for the Hobonichi Weeks?! The Daisy Weeks kits give you everything you could need and more to set up your monthly and 4 weeks of planning!

Each month, I start by laying out my Monthly overview – The Cactus Moon Calendar Daisy Weeks Sticker Kit has date covers, holidays, bottom spaces, and sidebar covers that really pull it all together. I use my monthly overview for planning ahead and a place to catch all major and can’t-forget events and activities.

The stickers in the Cactus Moon Daisy Weeks Sticker Kit fit just perfect in the Hobonichi Spaces – but sometimes, I like to give them a little kick. For March, I cut out around the bottom of the script on the sidebar and laid down the gorgeous dark Washi from the Cactus Moon Planner Kit to peek out from underneath – I love how this effect turned out!

Here’s a sneak peek of my before the pen spread for the month of March – don’t you love how the Cactus Moon vibes set the tone for an uplifting and hopeful month ahead?”


We can’t wait to see your planner pages using the Cactus Moon Collection! Share with us by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page and the Cocoa Daisy YouTube Channel for more inspiration.


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