It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… & a challenge

I have a lovely mish mash of a blog post for you today.

I have the designers challenge, but I also thought I’d share a few simple Christmas scrapping ideas. I have a little bit of a love/hate relationship with Christmas scrapbooking. I love all the Christmas journals that I see around everywhere. They all look so beautiful, but I’ve never been able to finish one and I no longer even attempt it. And as for scrapbooking, it’s such a busy time of year that I often fail to get much scrapbooking done and then once Christmas is finished and the kids are back at school I no longer feel like getting in the Christmas spirit. For me it’s done and I never feel like going back, so the end of the years scrapbook album in our house is sadly usually rather sparse.

I’ve got in there early this year and have made a couple that I’m sharing with you today made using the December kit.

Christmas Lists

This was my first one. It’s not a Christmassy photo, infact it’s just a normal everyday photo of my two teens. They are always taking silly selfies together and took this one and edited it with silly wording whilst out walking the dog last week. I like it though as it’s very typical of their silliness. I’ve used this LO to home their Christmas lists. Each year I ask for a list. What a few years would have been a letter to Santa. They still write them out in a similar style, it’s never just a list. Hollie even decorated her’s by drawing decorations and candy canes all over it. I think it’s fun to keep things like this. So using the CD paper, I stuck it down leaving the top side glue free to make a pocket and folded their notes to slide inside. I love the fact that they are kept safe now.

Now this kit isn’t Christmassy, but there are ways in which we can change that. Triangles!! I cut these little triangles from the CD paper to make them look like little trees. But any paper can be used for the same effect as long as they are cut in to mini triangles. I think they look so cute. And a splash of red always does the trick to add a little festive feel.

The pocket is a great way to add any memorabilia to your Christmas pages. special lists, cards, notes, tickets…… all those things we love to keep.

My second LO is more about the photos.


Like I said before, I struggle to find the time to scrap this time of year, so for this LO I have 5 different events/memories all on the one page. This just about sums up our December so far. Making yummy food with my little niece at the weekend, meeting special friends for dinner at the beginning of the month, picking the Christmas tree, silliness with our kids and of course the decorating. I’ve crammed it all in to the one LO and yet it doesn’t feel too busy and over crowded. I like to add big white borders to my photos. I think when grouping them together like this it keeps it clean and separates the photos nicely so they don’t blend in to one another. I was also careful with how I ordered the photos, making sure the 2 of the outside were in contrast with the background colour. If I would have had the tree photo on the end, the green on the green just would not have the same effect. And to add a Christmas feel…’s the pops of red again. Works everytime. You don’t need loads….just a little here and there and it really makes a difference.

This post was originally meant to be the Designers Challenge for December…so I guess I should set a challenge now : )

My challenge to you is to scrap a LO and use some form of Christmas wording…..

  • Could be a Christmas quote
  • A title from a movie of song
  • A line from a Christmas carol or song
  • A Christmas Greeting

It could be as part of your journaling – See my first LO …”He’s making a list, And checking it twice….’ Or could be your title, see my second LO. ‘It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas’.

I hope you love this idea and join in with me here. Please upload your lovely work either by adding a link below or here on our message board here. We’d love to see. You have until Tuesday 29th December 11pm EST. So if you get some free time over the holidays, remember to play long. One winner will be picked and will receive a $10 coupon to spend in the Daisy store.

Happy Holiday Scrapping!!!!


  1. Emily Pitts

    Really fun ideas Lisa, I love that you used a non-Christmasy photo. You’ve given me an idea.

  2. Julie B

    Splendid! Love how you made trees, mixed alphas, fun colors & embellies, splats that all showcasing the adorable photos. Thank you!


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