Creative Journaling with the Elegance Blooms Collection

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We often focus on planners and memory keeping in this space, but, today, we are looking at ways to use the Cocoa Daisy Kits to spruce up our journaling endeavors! Whether it is bible journaling, mixed media art journal, or a personal journal, the Elegance Blooms Collection is the perfect collection to express your creativity on the page

Jil shares the ways she likes to add bits from this collection in her journal.

“Cocoa Daisy kits are wonderful for creative journaling. Here I use the memory-keeping kits from the Elegance Blooms Collection in my Hobonichi journal. I prepped the pages with watercolor in the pinks, blues, and sage green of the kit. I love using washi tape in my journal, and so I started with the days-of-the-week washi from the Elegance Blooms Traveler’s Notebook Memory Keeping Kit, ripping off a bit (Wed and Thurs) to use on each page.

Stitching together the ledger hearts from the same kit and stacking them vertically, I decorated the left side of the page with these hearts, botanical die cuts, and the label reading “time for a little. . . ” I typed “journaling”. I combined “The best part of today” die-cut with stamped lines, which provided the perfect place on the page to capture a highlight.

The right side of my spread includes a photo of my collection of word tokens. I recently added my word for 2022 (harmony), and “this photo in one word” helped me draw the eye to that part of the picture. I finished the spread with a stamped camera and hearts. Check out this video to see a closer look at this journaling spread.”



We welcome Aaron to the Creative Team this year, sharing her process for creative journaling as she studies the Bible.



“In my projects, I dive deep into the impact of the love of Christ. In the project that states “I touch the sky with my knees hit the ground” (Luke 4), I used multiple things including The Elegance Blooms Printables, the Elegance Blooms Bible Journaling Sticker Kit, the alpha stickers from that kit, and the 4X6 card from the Elegance Blooms Planner Add-On Kit.

Throughout my studies it threw me into the deeper dive of God’s faithful love (Lamentations 3); Here, I used multiple printable’s and stickers from the Elegance Blooms Modern Memory Keeping Sticker Kit. I typically spend a few days on a bible page and pray over it as I add each piece. I start with a base of card stock. The following day after praying the Bible verse,  I’ll add adhesive and double-sided puff adhesive stickers, to continue the levels. I will typically spend a day or two on each Bible page. When I come back to each page I will continue to add more layers.

I ended my studies focused on the word rest, as we are in the speed of the world we have to remember to continue to rest in God‘s love. We need to continue to fall to our knees and pray to the skies. Because God‘s faithful love will carry us through anything. The rest card was made using the Elegance Blooms Printables and a card from Open Journey Bible Journaling Kits. Continue the studies with me on my Bible Journaling Instagram page♥️”



Audrey shows us that art journaling and Cocoa Daisy are a perfect pair.

“Hello, Daisies!! Do you do any creative journaling? I enjoy journaling in my art journal and Cocoa Daisy kits work beautifully on my pages. Let’s dive in and learn some tips for art journaling.

I usually start my art journal with some sort of mixed media background. Here, I used acrylic paint from my stash to replicate a card from the Elegance Blooms Modern Memory Keeping Sticker Kit. This background provided a base for my journalling. Once the background dried, I stamped repeatedly with stamps from the Modern Memory Keeping Sticker Kit kit around the background. I used stamps from the Elegance Blooms Traveler’s Notebook Memory Keeping Kit and the Elegance Blooms Planner Kit. Repeated stamping around the page is a great way to fill in space in your art journal.

Next, I added embellishments. When I am art journaling, I try to match each side with similar embellishments. You can see here that I placed a journal card from the Elegance Blooms Classified: Planner Kit on the right side and a box sticker from the memory-keeping sticker kit on the left. This helps to balance the art journal.

Finally, I ended with a quote on the middle of the page, using stickers from the Elegance Blooms Modern Memory Keeping Sticker Kit. I chose a quote from Dolly Parton as it fits the loose theme of my art journal page. Once complete, I filled in some journaling on the blank spaces, and voila, my art journal is finished.”


We hope you were inspired to get creative in your journals using the Elegance Blooms Collection. Share with us by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page and the Cocoa Daisy YouTube Channel for more inspiration.”


Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator

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