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Your routines and schedule change depending on the season of life you are experiencing. Looking back and seeing how your schedule changes can tell you a lot about life at a given time. Today, we are talking about routines and schedules, both from a planning and memory-keeping perspective. Both can be equally valuable to help establish structure and make effective use of time, while also reflecting on how far you have come to establish new routines and improved habits.

Traci shares a wonderful two-page spread reflecting on her shifts within her planning routine.

“When I saw all the cards in the Cactus Moon Collection that revolved around schedules/planning/routine, I KNEW I had to scrapbook my google calendar. That’s right, my google calendar. Especially because the color-coding matches the collection perfectly!


I obsessively block my time out on my google calendar, so I wanted to do a layout about how much that helps me achieve my goals..but google calendars are ugly so I needed to hide them.


I decided to use this gorgeous planner paper from the Cactus Moon Memory Keeping Classified Kit because I liked the dichotomy of the day and night views for the before and after of my calendars. I cut a slit in each paper to create pull tabs for my photos, then added a title that spans both pages, and left the rest of the embellishing pretty simple. Check out my process video to see this spread come together!”


Lately, I have been using the Perforated Week-On-One Page/List Page from the Minimalist Classic Inserts, to help me build in some routines and structure into my schedule.

First I may a list of the items I need to accomplish in the checklist section. I categorize my list based on the type of task and create four sections: Home, Work, Content, and Personal. Next, I use the Week-On-Page side to block off tasks each day. This helps ensure I’ve created time in my schedule to tackle the items on the to-do list. I set myself up for success by limiting the number of categories I commit to working on each day.

I’m really trying to establish a morning and evening routine by establishing what it is, writing it down, and tracking it with the habit trackers from the Cactus Moon Classic Sticker Kit. I included it on the back of the previous page and used alphas from the Cactus Moon Planner Add-On Kit to label the sections and checklists from the Cactus Moon Classic Sticker Kit to list out the items.

Planning out my daily schedule is much easier when I know what I need to accomplish each day. I use the Week-On-One Page sheet to inform what I include on my Minimalist Classic Weekly Pages.

Function comes first with a mix of Alphas, icons, and boxes to block off the routine items. This week, I used the Circle Stamp from the Cactus Moon Traveler’s Notebook Memory Keeping Kit to mark events.

How do you keep track of your daily routine and weekly schedule? Share with us by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page and the Cocoa Daisy YouTube Channel for more inspiration.


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