Word of the Year: 2019

Creating a word of the year allows you to have a central focus throughout the year. Instead of creating a resolution you may or may not keep, you strive towards your word of the year and use it as a reflection point. Some refer to their word of the year as their one little word, their gold word, or just a focus point. Whatever you call it and however you use it, is totally up to you. I have been choosing a word for the year for three years now. 2017 my word was be/begin/beginning, 2018 was stretch, and 2019 is glorious.

Here is a look of my layout in my personal rings planner. I used pages from the personal size Daisy Dori. To introduce myself to my word, I defined the word and drew some inspiration via Pinterest. I searched quotes that contained my word or represented what I wanted out of my word. This is something you can use to look back on if you forget later on in the year on why you chose your word.

Using the alpha stickers from the planner add-on kit I spelled out my word on top of washi to make it stand out from everything else on my page.

I then dove a bit deeper into my word and thought about why I chose the word glorious, my intentions, how I will reflect on it, and projects I want to do that are focused on my word.

I chose my word glorious because of the lyrics from one of The Greatest Showmen soundtrack that just echos in my head. So here I documented how I came up with my word. This is a great reminder late in the year since you may forget the origin of your word.

On this page I used the washi strips and watercolor circle from the planner sticker kit.

I then thought about what do I want to be glorious? Is it my actions, my surroundings, what I put out into the world, or all of the above? These are my intentions for my word and what it will bring me.

Reflecting on your word of the year helps you be more accountable for your word and allows you to see how you’re growing with your word.

Creating projects with your word can help you find even more ways you can implement your word in various parts of your life.

I have already created a mini album focused on my word, using a lot of the 12×12 Memory Keeping Kit. Throughout the year I plan to fill it with quotes, ephemera, or anything else that reminds me of my word. Here is a peek of it:

What is your word for the year? Share it in the comments below and don’t forget to join in on the planner fun over at the Cocoa Daisy Planner Fans page.

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  1. madelineinfante

    This is wonderful, thank you Ariana! I have my word all picked out, I’ve had it for weeks now and I didn’t know where to begin introducing it into my planner and this is a great step by step list that inspired me. I can’t wait to get started.

    • thecraftyways

      Thanks! I hope you share what you do in the Facebook group!

  2. Laura Harris

    I love this. I chose the word Simplify for this year, but I really didn\’t understand what I was supposed to do with it. Your post has given me the ideas I need to move forward with this. I absolutely love the mini album you created in addition…another GREAT idea! Thank you so much!

    • thecraftyways

      Thanks! Love your word choice. I can’t wait to see what you create Laura, be sure to share it in the Facebook group <3


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