Are You A Journaler?? Journaling Tips & Ideas

Hello, Lisa here today.

I wanted to stop and chat journaling with you. Are you a journaler? Do you find journaling easy?

I have a few little hints today that may help you if you struggle a little.

This page here was inspired by the 1-2-3 die cuts. I saw them and thought they’d be perfect for journaling. To list 3 things.

Lists are such a great way to journal. It makes life very simple. Your list can be as simple or as detailed as you wish. As long or short. It’s up to you.

Use numbers, bullet points, journal cards, tags, lined paper, scrap paper, shopping lists, to do lists, die cuts, stamps, hand written, typed….. so many variations and they are all fun, quick and easy and all look really effective and will all tell your story or whatever it is that you want to document.

The next page that I’ve created to show you an example using hidden journaling. If you feel uncomfortable journaling, there’s also the option of hidden journaling.

This is basically journaling that’s hidden on a page. Sometimes it can be something quite personal and you don’t want it right there on the page, but it’s still importation to be there. Sometimes it can quite simply be that your page looks so lovely and you would like the journaling hidden.

I wanted to document a conversation I had my my teen. He was really nervous as we arrived at the mountain cabin that we were renting. It was dark and stormy and so so steep. He said some really funny things things that I wanted to document.

I used the chipboard frames from the kit and turned them in to pockets to hold the tags. One side was a photo and the other journaling telling the story.

Conversations are a really good thing to journal. It’s easy journaling as all you are doing is repeating what’s been said.

Another variation of this is to write something that someone’s said, like a simple quote. This can be really fun.

I hope you have enjoyed these ideas and you’ve found them useful. I always think in years to come that the journaling and especially the conversations will be so fun to read back on.

Happy Journaling!!

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