Positive Journaling

Hi it’s Lisa here. Along with both the May and June Kits.

It was the large numbers from the May kit that started off this double page in my Travelers Notebook.

I loved them but hadn’t used them all. I hate to not use something I love. So then I realised that I haven’t done any personal journaling for quite some time.

My brain then starting working over time and I started thinking how much I hate being in my 40’s, it’s something I really struggle with. But then I really started to think about it and it made me think that actually a large portion of my 30’s really wasn’t that great and so far, my 40’s have been pretty amazing.

So suddenly this page took a huge turn around and I found myself now journaling about everything I love about life right now.



Those numbers kind of worked as therapy for me.

I used some of the stickers from the June kit and the papers from the May.

My scraps of paper didn’t quite reach the edges of the pages, so I tidied them up with the June washi.

So I challenge you….journal or scrapbook the things that you love about life right now.

It makes you feel good.

I have a process video and quite alot of chat in this video here if you’d like to watch.

Thanks, see you soon.


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