It’s Only Paper….Relax and Have Fun

Hi, It’s Lisa here today.

As much as we all love this hobby, sometimes it’s easy to get caught up with worrying about techniques, do’s and don’ts, which papers shall I use? What if I mess up????? All of these kind of things. When I teach classes I’m always reminding people that it’s just paper. There’s no need to feel anxious or afraid and there are no such things as rules or mistakes. Ok, so it’s annoying if you were to spill water all over your page, but it is replaceable at the end of the day. A photo can be reprinted, if you change your mind and move an embellishment and accidentally tear your paper, stick a sticker over it….it’s all reparable and quite often when I do have a mishap and I cover something up, I end up happier with the change. I call them my happy mistakes.

I have the process video of this page for you here.

Here you can see my playing, experimenting and see that everything doesn’t always go to plan first time and that’s fine.

I wanted to use my watercolours and also the stamps from the kit. Part of the enjoyment for me though is the escapism. I love to relax and enjoy what I’m doing. If you feel nervous about what you are doing, then part of the process enjoyment is gone which is a shame. So I really encourage you to relax and have fun. Practise any new techniques before if that makes it easier for you, but don’t be afraid.

I also created my own title for this page, something else I really enjoy doing. It’s on scrap paper, so again no worries about not getting it quite right first time.

I’m so happy with how this page turned out and I’m ok that a couple of techniques took a couple of goes before I was happy. The important thing is though that I had a fun afternoon whilst creating. I spent a couple of hours in paper, painting, stampy bliss and I have this happy memory recorded at the ed of it.

I hope this helps.

Remember, it’s just paper. Enjoy the creating and don’t forget…..they are no rules, no rights and wrongs. Just enjoy and have fun.

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  1. jkoteles

    Love this! Such a good reminder!


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