Finding a way to tackle Project Life that suits you

I’m so pleased that a couple of years ago I decided to jump on in and start my Project Life album. I knew from day one that I wouldn’t be sticking to ‘week 1’ and so on. I would never be able to commit to that and I knew that once I got a few weeks behind then I would never go back. So I started this project with my eyes wide open with the choice of journaling when I wanted to. Could be weekly, could be monthly but if I skipped a few months, then that’s fine too. But I wouldn’t give up.

Today I have a whole day documented on the one PL page.


It was such a special day and so much happened that I decided the day deserved a whole page to itself.

Who says you have to stick to rules????

That’s what I love about this hobby, scrapbooking. You can tweak things to suit your own needs.

Take Denise’s Project Life Album for example. Denise has been busy for quite some time now creating pocket pages about her boys. They are teens now, but she’s going way back. I love seeing her cute pages each month.


She brings the same quirky artyness to these pocket pages that she does to her scrapbooking LO’s and I love that.

denise 2

Just so great for her boys to look back on.

Our Alissa on the other hand does abide by the rules.

alissa 1

Her pages every month make me smile.

alissa 3

They are always so fun and colourful and it always seems like Alissa is documenting her life so well and in great detail.

alissa 4

ooohhhh Donut Day!! What a great idea!!!

alissa 5

So as you can see, there are many ways to document your life using these pocket pages.

There are no rights or wrongs, it’s about finding a way that works best for you.




  1. Julie Dionne

    Thank you. I have always been intimidated by Project Life because like you, I knew I would not keep up documenting every day or week. Your post just switched a light in my head that I can do PL pages without “following the rules”.

    • Lisa Saunders

      Hi Julie, Thank you. Your comment makes me so happy. I found the whole week 1 / week 2 so intimidating. I never number my pages, I just document as and when I have time and feel like doing it. I have gaps in my album, but it doesn’t matter. No one will ever look in the album and say ….so what happened in April then??? It will still be fun to look back and read through and I’m happy that for this reason I’ve stuck by this project. I hope you start now too. x

  2. Julie B

    Great post, Lisa! I love PL as it gets my photos off the computer and into albums. I don’t (can’t) follow the rules either and it sure takes the pressure off. Love Cocoa Daisy DITL kits as it makes it so easy as do the DT galleries at Reveal.

  3. Deborah Panos Meyer on Facebook

    Wonderful post! I, too have been intimidated by the thought of starting this and now you have allowed me to step out of box. Rules? Pfffft. 🙂

    • Cocoa Daisy on Facebook

      That’s so wonderful! I’ll let Lisa know you were inspired to step out of the box!


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