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I love creating colourful Project Life Pocket Pages. I thought I would go through my process today of how they usually come together using the September DITL kit with a little of the September Main kit too.

I don’t make them each week. Just when I fancy. When I started PL a couple of years ago I promised myself that it would be stressfree and I wouldn’t get hung up on the weekly stress of it. I knew I wouldn’t keep up with it and would end up giving up.

I treat each pocket as a mini LO. I like a colour combo and to have some kind of balance and flow to the whole page.


I always start off by picking my photos first and laying them over the top of the plastic pockets. I go through the DITL cards picking out what I think will work. This also forms my colour combo at this point.



I then start working out what papers will work as my backgrounds and cutting them to size. They usually get swapped around a few times until I’m happy. Other bits get pulled from the kit as I start to see what will go where as I’m now getting a good feel for the page.   These Simple Stories frames this month are a wonderful addition. I don’t stick anything down until I’ve decided what is going where and that I’m happy with all the backgrounds.


I love to round the corners. I think it looks so much neater and is a really nice finish. Pieces can now start to be stuck down, embellishments slowly added and the journaling starts.



I like to create a flow and for everything to connect . So here for example, I have the orange at the top. So I then punched some hearts out of the same paper to add organge to the rest of the page. The same banners and stickers are used throughout, the same colours etc…



This photo makes me smile. My brother thought I was taking a lovely photo and I was waiting for the ball to float and capture it at that perfect moment. Still makes me giggle!







I love creating these fun pages. Fun is what it’s all about after all.

My PL album is just sooooooo colourful.

I hope you enjoyed this process.

Have a lovely weekend x

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  1. Shannon

    I love all the colour and how you seem to make it all fit together so well!! Great idea to treat each ‘pocket’ as a LO. Lots of fun going on in this spread!!


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