Are you a single photo or a multi photo LO scrapper??

I started off as a scrapper 12 years ago scrapping as many photos on a LO as possible. Then over the years I started scrapping with less and less photos until for a long time I just scrapped with just 1 photo per page.

I seem to have come full circle and have noticed that recently I’m back to scrapping with more and more photos again.

I thought I’d share with you today my scrapping process of how I fit so many photos on a LO.

I start by printing the photos I want. They are all quite small and I like to add a white border around the edge of each photo. I find by adding the white border is helps when placing the photos on a busy background.


This CD paper is too busy to place my photos straight on to, so I take more of these DITL cards. They are perfect to go behind my photos.

I jiggle things around until I’m happy that everything will fit.



I add a little prepositional tape on the back of each photo so that I can move them around until I’m 100% with where they are going. I tend not to plan when I scrap, I like to play. I ended up using the CD packaging label too. The wording is spot on for my page.


I take the alphas from the main kit and the October Afternoon alphas from the DITL kit. The alphas have a great contrast and work really well. Considering the busy background paper and having 6 photos, I have still created a contrast and hopefully it isn’t looking too busy and blended. Sometimes when there is too much going on it just all blends in and nothing stands out.


I take the wooden smilies.  I have plans for these….


I start by flipping them over so that the plain side is showing and then painting them white as a base coat and then I paint them with these Tattered Angels Glimmer Glazes. They are lovely and bright, but paints, inks and mists will also work. If you make sure that you base them with white first though so you get a good strong colour when you paint them in your final chosen colour.


I then take a black journal pen and outline everything. Again this helps everything to stop blending in to the background.


The LO is now finished. It’s bright, colourful, busy with 6 photos.


Sometimes when you’ve had a lovely day out, you don’t want to scrap just the one photo or maybe 6 LO’s using 1 or 2 photos each. Hopefully this will help you to use a few on the one page without feeling that you’ve over done it.

Thanks for joining me here today.

Have a lovely week.







  1. Amy

    Comment I love the DITL Cards! Can you include a link where we can purchase them? They make the perfect addition to a page. Thanks for sharing your beautiful layout.


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