Tips & Tricks – Mosaic Photo Printing & January Kit Tips

Hello, it’s Lisa with you today to share a few little tips and tricks.

I thought it would be fun to share more a technical tip of mine that I really enjoy doing. That’s printing off photo mosaics. You won’t often find those words in sentences of mine ‘technical tip of mine’, as I’m really not a technical person at all. But that’s good for you, it means if I can do it, then anyone can!!

Here is a LO that I’ve made where I have used a photo mosaic. I used the December kit for this one. The mosaics are really fun to use. You can use several photos in one go, it doesn’t clutter up your page. It looks neat and tidy and there’s no messing around with cutting, sticking and rearranging. Easy!!  And the best thing is it’s free.

I use a website called Pic Monkey, which you can see here.

Here are the simple instructions for you to create your own photo mosaic.

  • Once you have opened up the website, click on ‘collage’ at the top.
  • This brings you to this page here.
  • I like to choose my grid first, so I know how many photos to pick. To see your grid/mosaic options, see the 4 symbols on the left. Take the second. When you hover over it it says ‘layouts’.
  • You can now take a look at all the different options available. There are quite a few. Click on the one you would like to use.
  • Now you need to select your photos. Look at the 4 symbols on the left again and this time click the first which is ‘images’.
  • Then click on images and you can upload your photos. The photos will appear in the boxes below and once there you just simple click on the photo and drag across to the box where you would like it to go.
  • You can move your photos around within the grid until you are happy.
  • Once you are happy, you need to save your work. Look at the options at the top of the page on the left. Click on ‘save’ and you can save to your files and then print to whatever size you would like.

It really is a fun way to use lots of photos.

I made this LO before my January Kit arrived, so I decided to make another using the photo mosaic when my January kit came.

I chose my photos and printed off the grid. This one is 5×5 inches. I also added a wide frame which you can also do in PicMonkey.

I wanted to use both sides of this paper, so I took a craft knife and ruler to cut out a triangle, using the photo for guidance to make sure the paper was cut large enough.

I stuck the piece with the triangles over where I cut and the script paper stuck on that is the piece that was just cut. So the script paper and the pink are from the same piece. A great way to use both sides!! I also used the strip from the bottom of the pink paper. The strip with the flowers.

I cut up some of the Pink Paislee Ephemera to layer. These small Simple Stories alphas come with the main kit. They needed a little colour though, so I gently ran the pink Prima ink from the kit over to highlight.

I also used the ink to edge a couple more of the pieces of ephemera. It just helps it to stand out more.

I used the wide white frame of the photo to journal around.

And the finished layout.

I’m really pleased with this page. It was a December day out in London. It’s such a good and also tidy way to use lots of photos on one page.

I hope you like this idea. Give it a try!!


  1. Julie Bonomo

    Thank you, Lisa, for the collage photo instructions and inspiration! Love how you can use the same size photos or mix it up as you did in the second lo. Love all the lovely layers, happy colors and your use of ink (edges and splats).

  2. Lynda Crust

    I often use a “photo collage” format when making 8×8 and 8 1/2×11 size layouts.
    Because of the limited area you have to work in, this format really lets you use more than just one photo!

  3. MrsDWarks

    Lisa, can you share what photography paper you use to print the mosaic photos on please?
    Love this LO! ?

    • Lisa Saunders

      Hi Anne. Lovely to see you here : ) I buy canon 6×4 or 5×7 packs from Amazon. Thanks x


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