Brande Davison Is Up And Away Adventurous

April is coming to an end and we’d like to thank Brande Davison for being our Memory Keeping Guest Designer this month. Brande worked magic with our Up And Away Memory Keeping kits and we hope you’ll take a few moments to see what she’s done and thank her for the inspiration. We love how she took the Leap Year edition of Up and Away papers and created MOUNTAINS in the layout above. How clever is that? You can get your paper set and do the same, we have some available in the store! We also have some of those beautiful sparkly enamel raindrops, but hurry, they are almost gone. Brande’s fun and adventurous style is addictive, we enjoyed having her at Cocoa Daisy!

Here’s more about Brande:

Hi! My name is Brande, and I go by just plain ol’ B to family and friends. I grew up in Edmonton, Alberta and am now living and loving Vancouver, BC. As a born and raised flat lands, prairie girl, I still get very excited about Vancouver’s beautiful beaches, mountains, and green grass all year.

My passions are family, travel, hiking, photography and then of course scrapbooking all of these things. If I won a million dollars, me and the fiancé would put on our trusty old 65L backpacks and travel the world – adventure to adventure, walking and hiking, from pub to museum to art gallery (and instead of flying home to see family, we would fly them to us!). After we tired of travel; home to scrapbook it all!

I have been scrapbooking for about 15 years (with a couple of lengthy hiatus’ spells in there).  I feel that I only found my grove in the last 3+ years though and am loving that! Maybe it was me, maybe it was all the amazing products out there now – or a combo of both. All I know is that I am no longer scared to use that ‘way too special embellishment or paper’ or try that new technique, or to just use my run of the mill go to layout – it all works, it’s all great, it’s all homemade and it’s all from the heart and THAT is what scrapbooking is about.

My go to scrapbook tool is my pen. Journaling, storytelling, documenting, titling (whatever you want to call it) is where my heart really sings. I hate my own hand writing when I journal but had to get over that. I remind myself that seeing my mom’s, dad’s, sisters or whoever’s own handwriting on cards and letters is amazing to me – it means so much! So maybe mine will make other people happy too one day (or at least give them a chuckle over my poor grammar and spelling). This is also were my style was born; I tend to scrap in an old-school travel scrapbook look and feel.

You can find Brande’s work on her Instagram account and

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