Add some paint!

Using gesso and acrylic paint is so much fun! You can use the paint to make certain parts of your layout stand out, or you can use the paint to soften colours and to tie different parts of your layout together. I went to the August Hemingway gallery and found some different examples on using paint.

I love how Denise added gesso to the patterned papers on this card. I’m guessing that she used something – a piece of cardboard, a plastic card or some other tool – to scrape the paint over the papers. This gives a different look from when you use a paint brush.

denise cards 01


I used a paint brush when adding gesso to this layout. I kept the brush very dry, adding only a little gesso at the time and sort of rubbing it onto my papers. The colours are toned down the gesso also ties the squares together.

cd aug hönö


Here Lisa added blue and white paint to her background, also letting the paint move onto the patterned papers and the embellishments. The paint adds movement at the same time as it brings the different elements together.




Sharmaine used black paint on this super cool layout, creating a really striking effect and making the patterns and colours stand out against the black.



I hope you feel inspired to get your paint out! Happy Friday to all of you!

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