Versatility | 12 Ways to Use the Cocoa Daisy, Daisy Dori

The Daisy Dori has been around for many years and it’s no surprise! Customers seem to love the versatility of the dori insert and we now offer several different sizes to meet your individual needs! Plus, they are so fun to look back at. Pauline shows off 11 months of inserts and it is so satisfying!

Photo Credit: @planning_with_pauline

Available Sizes Include:

*Mini Dori (passport size)

*A6 Dori

*Personal Dori

*B6 Dori

*Standard (also available as a Simple Dori layout)

*A5 Dori

If you’d like to see a side by side comparison of all the sizes, check out this youtube video.

Over the years, both our customers and our own design team members, have come up with fabulous ways to incorporate the Daisy Dori into their planning system or memory keeping lineup. Take a look at all the different ways the dori insert can be used. Hopefully it will give you some inspiration and you can dive in to your dori booklet today! (If you are not subscribed to the Daisy Dori, you can start your subscription here: )

Idea 1: Journaling

Whether you type out your day or hand write it, it’s fun to document your life! You could add pictures to your journal or just jot down quick happenings from the day!

Photo Credit: @happyplaceplanning

Photo Credit: @mecraftyscrapper

Idea 2: Weekly Vertical Planning

The Daisy Dori can easily be used to plan your week in a vertical layout. If your brain craves that vertical layout, simply add columns or use the existing grid lines on the pages to “create” columns. Rachel used some stamps and the date circles to create her vertical columns in a B6 size dori.

Photo Credit: @thelifefacilitator

Idea 3:  Weekly Horizontal Planning

While some people need that vertical column for planning, others stick to the traditional horizontal layout for their week. Here, Jennifer uses the page breaks already on the inserts to outline each day. Adding stamps and date dots makes it easy to see which day you are on, similar to the vertical planning picture above!

Photo Credit: @happyplaceplanning

Idea 4: Daily Planning

Daily planning is my personal favorite way to plan! The dori inserts have enough pages to plan one page per day OR 2 days pay page.

Photo Credit: @happyplaceplanning

Idea 5: Documenting

Photo Credit: @imfeelingcraftytoday

Idea 6: Painting / Mixed Media

Feeling crafty and need an outlet? Use your dori inserts for quotes or painting! The paper is thick enough to do some water color on. We love how Ria’s page turned out.

Photo Credit: @imfeelingcraftytoday

Idea 7: Monthly Planning

Do you make a monthly plan? Below, Tanti sketches out a traditional monthly layout while Jennifer uses a list version.

Photo Credit: @tantikcreation

Photo Credit: @happyplaceplanning

Idea 8: Goal Planning

Setting goals helps keep us on track. Jennifer dedicates a spread in her dori to map out yearly and monthly goals.

Photo Credit: @happyplaceplanning

Idea 9: Lists

Just need a place tp make lists? The Daisy Dori is perfect for that, too!

Photo Credit: @happyplaceplanning

Idea 10: Memory Keeping

The Daisy Dori is also perfect for memory keeping! We offer an entire kit just to help you document your memories in this format. Check out the Traveler’s Notebook Memory Keeping Kit here:

Photo Credit: @tantikcreation

Idea 11: Meal Planning + Recipe Book

Do you love to cook? Are you looking for a way to store your favorite recipes? Below, Kristine stores a cheesecake recipe for future use as well as a picture to document her accomplishment. YUM!

Photo Credit: @teachplancraft


Idea 12:  Ring Bound or Disc Bound Planning

The planner community is always coming up with new formats for planning and disc bound and ring bound systems seem to be all the rage right now. It’s easy to take our dori apart and then punch them for whichever system you prefer!

Photo Credit: @teachplancraft

Photo Credit: @juliedealmooney


I am SURE there are even more uses for this versatile insert! If you have ways you use the Daisy Dori that you’d like to share please email details and pictures to We’d LOVE to hear from you!


Happy Planning!






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