Stamp Storage

When it was time to pull out some stamps for my dashboard project this month, it was then that I truly appreciated a stamp storage system that I set up in 2020. With this system, it’s easy to find just what I need for each project and it’s a nice, portable system that can be moved around my craft room easily.


Step 1: Find a storage container you like that will hold several stamps. This white plastic tub is from Walmart. It’s easier to choose your container FIRST and then cut the papers to size.

Step 2: Go through your Cocoa Daisy stash! I pulled papers and tabs from leftover kits. I then measured the width and height of the container and used a paper cutter to cut the papers to size for the container to use as dividers.

Step 3: Sort! Start sorting your stamps in to categories.

Step 4: Write your category labels on to the tabs from your stash and adhere them to the paper dividers.



Step 5: This is an extra step, but does help take this system of organization to the next level! Each month, the Cocoa Daisy stamps come in a cellophane bag of sorts, with a white card stock card. Save the cards and stamp the stamps onto the card. You can also write on the back which category you will be storing the stamp set in and which Cocoa Daisy kit the stamp came in.

Step 6: Punch a hole in the upper corner of the card. Now, you can flip through the cards and see exactly which stamps you have in your stash!



Here’s a look at the dashboard project I created this month. It was so easy to find stamps to use for this project and I love how it turned out!



If you’re interested in watching this project take shape, here’s a link to the process video on YouTube: