Using Pocket Cards in my Planner

Hello Daisies!

Lisa here showing you a few ideas of using pocket cards in your planner. I don’t memory keep anymore but the Modern Memory keeping kit is one of my favorite kits to use with my planner. Especially the pocket cards. You can buy the cards all on their own but I love having the whole kit for all the extras.

First up I used this 4×6 card to make a side load pocket on the back of a dashboard to hold extra pocket cards. All I did was use washi around three sides so the fourth side is a pocket. Easy Peasy!

For this next one I used this gorgeous 4×6 card and made it my February goal card.  On the back I added two columns: organize and purge since these are the main goals I need to get done this month. I them punch them to fit my rings and I can check them off ad I go.

Another thing I love to do with the pocket cards is add them to the dashboards to dress them up. This one was so perfect for this dashboard 🙂 Just used a couple of pieces of washi to adhere and the thing I love about washi is I can remove it easily to use the card for something else later on.

This last one is one of my favorites ideas I use almost every month! I love the monthly card and I especially love the new format so with the extra space on the top. I added a sticker from the new Daisy sticker add on kit (my new favorite sticker kit hehe). I added a strip of paper on both sides so I would have room to punch my holes. To make the tab shape at the top I used on of the planner tabs and simply hand cut around it. This makes a great page marker for my weekly section!

I hope this inspires you! Pocket cards are just not for memory keeping and I have found several ways to use them in my planner!

Have a great day Daisies!



  1. LGrabarkewitz

    Love all of these ideas! My favorite is also your favorite, I am going to try this next month 🙂

  2. Lisa Forsythe

    Thank you! You will love it!


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