My planning system for 2021

Hello Daisies !

I hope you all have a great begining of 2021 ! As it’s my first blog post for this year, I wanted to show you what I decided to use for this year (or at least the first couple of months).

I had the most wonderful notebook cover as a Christmas gift from my husband, so I of course decided to use it this year. I was a bit worried about my seewing notebook problems, so I decided myself to use rings this year.

For the cover, I used papers from the main planner kit, and stamping (stamp from stamp kit, bird stamp and thin alpha stamp). Yes, I wrote 2121 for the year, on both my planner AND the doggy planner…. that’s life ! I laminated the page, so it’s more rigid for this cover role. And I just perforated the pages with my special perforator, in order to insert the disks.


On the other side of the cover, I glued a die cut, and added a card (both from planner add-on) in order to write my 2021 resolutions. Simply used washi tape to glue the card to the cover.

For the other side of the card, I glued some vellum from the classified planner kit and a page from the notepad (main planner kit). In order to decorate, I used the embroided birds from the classified planner, some free printables, a sticker from the new add-on sticker kit and some stamping. For the dots, I used those that are in the tiny sheet from sticker kit.


Then, I used a dashboard (decorated with an old washi) to mark the begining of the “general section” of my planner (the one that will stay in my planner all year long). Usually, I use a different kit for this part (from my left overs), but I was so in love with “New Begining” kit that I wanted to use it also here…


In this part, I have an index, a reminder of birthday, a plan for publications on my puppy facebook page, a perpetual calendar of an “usual week”.

For the reminder of publications, I used a personal dashboard, and wrote on the other side. I used alpha from add-on sticker kit, and days from the planner add-on kit.

For the perpetual calendar, I used a weekly page from the A5 planner pages (I take them unpunched). I just added alphas (from Classic sticker kit), and some stamps.


I also have a page to remember cleaning depending on the moment of the month, and a recap of my wishlist (it’s supposed to help me to buy less online, but it doesn’t really work…).

For those pages, I used planner pages from the main planner kit, and some free printables. I use washi on the side of the page, in order to see easily the month. To decorate, I use alphas (classic sticker kit and add-on sticker kit), some stickers (those bubbles from planner classified kit were the cutest !) and sometimes some free printables.

But I also used some old kits pages (the typewritter kit). I really love how the kits are always coordinate with olders kits !


After that, it’s the January part ! I used the dashboard that comes with the unpunched A5 pages (main planner kit) as a tab. As usual, I have a monthly to do list. In order to do this one, I also used a page from the A5 pages, and some stickers from various kits.


This is the first time I use the planner pages. I am completly in love with the monthly page ! I wrote some events at the begining of the month, and I added some highlights each day, with some stickers (planner add-on, sticker kit, classic sticker kit, weeks sticker kit) and some stamps.


Then comes a dashboard. On the other side, I added some stickers in order to track my online shopping. My foreward planning is on the left, it’s a page from the A5 pages.


Then I have 4 pages per week : a weekly to-do-list and meal plan on a A5 page from the kit (or a free printables), and 3 pages for the week, on simple dotted pages (but a lot -and a lot- decorated with… almost all kits I get ^^).

This is the before the pen version


And this one is after the pen (and the stamps !) version. I always take the time to make a quick abstract of my day. I also add the weather using Simon and the weather stamp, and some highlight of the day using stickers from main planner kit and/or stamps.


The second part of the week looks like that :


In order to finish my month, I have some other pages : trackers, gratitude log, meal log and culture log. Here is my tracker page. I used the bird stamp for the steps tracker, and an old calendar stamp for the other things to track.


This year, I also decided to make some simple memory keeping. There are some boxes (for happy planners) in all stickers kits I take. But I never used those. So after seeing a Kristine Bryant’s video (on the CD Facebook group) I decided to make pages in this spirit and to use all those pretty boxes.

I also made the Journal in January challenge, but forgot to make pictures !


That’s all for today ! And you, what did you decide for your planner in 2021 ?

Happy planning !



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  1. Cindy

    lots of useful info here – thank you – I am not familiar with a “culture log” that you have mentioned – what is this?


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