September Solstice Setup!

Hello Daisies! I’m here to share my September setup with you all. You know I usually share setups with you here on the blog. I’ve said it a dozen times, and I’ll keep saying it: I’m a functional planner, and one of my favorite things about Cocoa Daisy is that my planner has the functionality I crave, while still being absolutely beautiful. Every month, I can change out my planner with brand new, gorgeous decorations, and the efficiency of my planner never changes. And the best part is – this works for everyone, no matter what planner you use! No matter how simple and streamlined, or decoratively decked out you want your planner to be, Cocoa Daisy can do it all!

Jumping right in, let me introduce you to my September planner! I’ll be using my Gillio Pocket XL. I’m not even gonna lie to you all and say that I’ll stick with this planner/size (since we all know my history haha). But I will say that I would like to try! As much as I love personal, it was getting a bit too cumbersome for me, so i downsized. I’ve been using this since mid-July, and I am still loving it. I know only time will tell, but I am seriously so content with this size!

When you first open my planner, you see my pockets on the left with some functional information, and a washi card I made. On the right, you see my fly leaf with a pocket card clipped to the front. Simple, and has all the info I want in the front of my planner.

Right after the fly leaf, I just cut out a pretty paper for a dashboard. Y’all know that I tape pocket cards allll throughout my planner. I love the quotes and pops of color they add!

Right after this card is my first section – my notes section. On the left side there, you’ll see the quote card. You all might recognize it from the January kit. It had stayed in my planner all year! I love this quote so much – I have no plans to take it out.

My notes section contains dot grid notes pages, for all the random thoughts I need to get out of my head, and it also contains a list section, for specific to-dos.

Right after the “Notes” divider, within the notes section, I made a pocket folder. I keep the small sticker sheets in here, but I also add appt cards and other small things I need to keep.

On the back side of the pocket folder, I keep some of the sticky notes. I love these tiny sticky notes that come in the kit each month – they’re the perfect size for jotting down little reminders!

Right after my notes section is my “Calendar” section. This section houses my yearly overview, my 2021 pre-planning section, and my monthly and weekly sections.

But because I love having pops of color and decorative elements inside my planner (especially inside a neutral planner!), I love adding some of the extra cards, acetate, and vellum that come in the kits! So at the very beginning of my Calendar section I added some fun extra bits. First up, Simon and Betty. I’m just saying, with cute cards like this, they’ll never get me to believe these two aren’t in love! Haha.

After my Calendar section, I added some more acetate and another pretty card.

My next section is my “Personal” section. This is a small section, and just contains my book list and some prescription/allergy info for my kids. Just handy info to have with me.

My last section is also a small one. It’s my home section and it just includes my home expense sheets, my monthly task list, and some notes pages for home ideas – things to buy, projects we want to complete, etc.

That’s it! That’s my entire setup. When I write it all out it seems like a lot, but it really is a very simple setup. I’ve trimmed it down to the info I want to make sure I have with me at all times. Everything else, I have other places for, but this is the information that is important to me to have. I’ve said before that I hate to jinx myself by talking about how much I love my setup, but I can’t help it. I LOVE my setup! Haha.

Thank you for following along on my journey! I’m just going to say – if any of you ever want to see Cocoa Daisy in different planners, look no further than my blog posts here. I’m pretty sure I’ve done them all, and Cocoa Daisy hasn’t skipped a beat! I’ve switched between them all, and Cocoa Daisy has been with me every step of the way, making my planner beautiful. I’m thankful for the journey, and thankful to you all for traveling it with me!

Dont forget to come find me on Instagram and YouTube! I’m going to have a flip up in a few days, but in the meantime you can see some of the other sizes and planners I’ve used with Cocoa Daisy. Leave a comment and let’s chat!



  1. Linda Moran

    Love that planner. Where can I purchase it?

    • jennbailey0706

      This is from Gillio! It was a limited edition though, and no longer available, so your best chance to find one like this is in the Gillio bst on Facebook.


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