Fun ways to use your patterned papers.

Hi everyone.

Tanti here.

I love using patterned papers in my standard size Daisy Dori planner. There are lots of ways to use them

Today, I want to share what I usually do with them.

First of all, I always use a patterned paper to cover up my TN cover. Because I like to have my TN very colourful and I always enjoy the decorating process.

I love creating an inside pocket in my TN. Some of the patterned papers are suitable to create a pretty shaped pocket. Just like this one.

The flower image that was printed on the corner of the paper was the perfect element to create a pocket. I just fussy cut it and attached it to the back side of the cover.

I also used a patterned paper for the background.

You can use patterned papers to cover up some stamping or writing mistakes that you made or to cover up some elements in your planner that you don’t use, just like I did here.

Since I don’t use the monthly view box on the first page of my planner, because it is too small for my purpose, I covered it up with a piece of patterned paper.

Patterned papers are so fun to use to create some decorating elements for your planner.

Just like you see here on the first week spread of my planner.

Here, I’ve cut some flower pots out of a patterned paper using the scissors and I also cut some fences using a cutting die.

In the picture below I’ve made a woven basket out of some patterned paper stripes.

The other things that I usually do with the patterned papers is to frame my photos.

It helps to highlight the photos.

Last but not least, you can even get more embellishments from some patterned papers. All you have to do is just fussy cut some patterns or images from the papers that you like.

Well. I hope this could give you some ideas on how you can use all the pretty patterned papers from the kit.

Thank you so much for joining me today and see you next time.



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