Looking Back at 2020 with Cocoa Daisy with Video – Part 1

Hello, my planner friends. It’s Julie Deal Mooney with you today on the blog taking a trip down memory lane. I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a long strange trip so far, but at least I can say that’s it’s been pretty in my planner, thanks to Cocoa Daisy! I enjoyed taking the time to look back through the first six months of 2020 in my planner. Even after so short a time, I had already forgotten things that I loved at the time. So join me for a walk back through my planner. . . . if you would like to see the video flip-through, jump over to YouTube.

The Noted Kit from January is one of my all-time faves. Who doesn’t love cameras and office supplies mixed with beginning-of-the-year enthusiasm? And with a color palette of muted pink, blue, green, and lavender punched up with black accents, this kit was gorgeous. I chose “focus” as my word for 2020 and when I saw the kit, I was thrilled at all the references to focus. What I remember most about January was that my Filofax Original came with 25mm rings and I ordered 30mm replacement rings and replaced them so that everything would fit in my planner. My front pockets were stuffed with pocket cards and ephemera and I put a shaker card on the facing page for fun.

Moving from January to February was like moving from one form of beauty to another. The February kit, Love Notes, was sprinkled with gorgeous watercolor views of Paris in pinks and reds. In addition to the February kit, there was also a special Valentines Bonus Kit featuring Simon and Betty with their version of romantic Paris. And if that wasn’t enough, there was also a Digital Printable Valentine Kit, which you know I had to get – if for no other reason than to print Simon and Betty stickers whenever I want to for the rest of my life! I know that I will be using these digital files every February!

February was the first month that I made a sticker folder. It was such a great place to hold stickers as well as a few note sheets that I have continued it every month since then.

February was also the first month that I had two A5 planners going at the same time. This red patent cutie was the one that held my Valentine’s kit and I still can’t get enough of the adorable Simon and Betty!

I love making paper clips out of the chipboard stickers and I’m excited that the Solstice Memory Keeping: Pocket Kit will have a set of chipboard stickers and I’m planning to do this again. I learned this little trick from Anabelle O’Malley and if you are interested in learning what I do, I filmed a video showing the process.

And then came March, the month with the most beautiful florals of peach and green in the Orchard Path Kit. Our world was still normal when I set up March; I was still blissfully unaware that the entire world was going to change dramatically in the next couple of weeks. I still think of my planner this way – before COVID and after COVID. I stuffed as much pretty into my March planner as I could fit! And I’m glad that I did because I enjoyed looking at it every day of March.

And this top view! I just love all the pretty bows and swag and the button clip that says “get it, girl”. One of my particular favorites are the ribbon flags that perfectly coordinate with the Cocoa Daisy papers.

By April, we were all on lockdown orders and I naively thought that this would be a few weeks and we would go back to normal at the end of the month. But I was at home with a lot of time on my hands and so in addition to setting up my planner and continuing to work on it throughout the month, I started looking for other ways to use my Cocoa Daisy supplies. The cheerful colors and sentiments in the Up and Away Kit were just what we needed. And each day, when I opened my planner and saw “Good Things Ahead”, it just reassured me that there are good things ahead for all of us. Although I needed my planner for very little that month, I had a great time filling it in each week with the minutiae of my life.

And then I decided to make some cards to send to family and friends. As a person who is always looking for a challenge, I decided to make a pop-up card for my grandkids and spent two entire days doing nothing else. Although I can’t say that I enjoyed being in my house for days on end, I also appreciate that I will probably never have another time that I could be so dedicated to nothing other than being crafty for crafty’s sake. I love that April’s kit had twine in it. I still have a few colors left and I love it when I think of a way to incorporate it into my planner.

I am continuously amazed at how each month, the kits look so different and I love them so much. May’s kit, Tulip Time was no exception. Filled with bright yellows, blues, and reds combined with tulips, chinoiserie, and butterflies, Tulip Time was just so pretty and fresh.

The highlight of the Tulip Time kits for me was the zippered sticker pocket. I have used it non-stop since receiving it and I’m so happy that there will be another one in September’s Soltice Classified: Planner Edition kit.

I’m not going to lie, June was a difficult month for me in regards to planning. I was just so unsure of and not in control of what I was doing from day-to-day that I had a hard time figuring out how to use my planner. At the end of May and the beginning of June, I switched to my Hobonichi Weeks because I had so little to write in my planner and I was less motivated to be crafty. I think it’s important for all of us to face that from time to time and just accept it for what it is. There will be times in our lives where creativity and will to create just isn’t as strong. And so I set up my June planner but didn’t go all out. But that doesn’t mean that the Serengeti Kit wasn’t spectacular, because it was. Filled with animal prints and tribal beauty, Serengeti was so very gorgeous.

The enamel glitter dots and the zippered sticker pocket coordinated beautifully with this kit and by the end of June, I was back to my normal over-the-top planning style and ready to tackle the cuteness of Linouspot’s artwork in July’s To the Sea Kit. But that will have to wait for another day, because my walk down memory lane in my planner ends with June.

I hope that you have enjoyed looking at my past planner. If you would like to watch the video and see the details of each month, please do.

Until we meet again, my friends, keep planning!


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