A Week in My Planner with Backyard Blooms

Hey, Planner Friends! Rachel here, and I am sharing a week in the life of my planner, from the (almost) “Before the Pen” to the “After the Pen”!

To start, I am using the medium size Passion Planner for my main, catch-all planner. The planner and the sticker pouch from May, go with me EVERYWHERE! I like having my stickers right next to my planner, so this sticker pouch is perfect! Inside the pouch, I have stickers from the Classic Sticker Kit, Planner Kit, Add-on Kit and Classified Planner Kit stickers. I love that Cocoa Daisy stickers work in ANY planner!

On Sunday, I sit down and create the foundation for my week ahead. This includes blocking time in my day for specific tasks or events. For me, if I don’t assign a time for important items, it is easy to forget (or avoid!) the intended tasks. Take exercise, for example. Recently, I have dedicated time each afternoon as my workout “appointment”. I highlight the time and write down the actual workout I plan to do. By having it in my schedule like I would an appointment, I am less likely to skip it. So, if it is important to me, or helping me reach a goal, that task gets a block of time on my schedule. I use the Cocoa Daisy washi, stickers and stamps to embellish the space and help draw attention to it.


For this week, I used the washi strip stickers to block off time for home tasks and icons to highlight the task for that day. I love using the alpha’s from the Planner Add-On Kit to label blocks of time like I did for the projects section. I also used the little coffee cup from the Planner Kit to embellish the projects section. For me, coffee and crafting go hand in hand!

I cannot get enough of the Memory Keeping Stamps from this month, so I knew I wanted to add a few throughout  my weekly spread. I also pulled a few stamps from my stash and used colors that coordinate with this month’s kit. For the bottom section, I covered the labels with the backing paper from the kit packaging. That packaging was too cute not to use. I also added a few decorative stickers from the Classic Sticker Kit to the bottom. I love that this planner has this blank section to decorate to your hearts content.

Keeping reading to see how these pages look all filled in!


Here was is how the week turned out! Each day, I checked in with my planner, checked off items completed from the day before and noted things that still needed to get down. In the sidebar, I updated the trackers. As you can see, I had grand plans to get up earlier this week, but that was a bust! There’s always next week!

As most weeks go, there’s a little bit of fun and a little bit of functional that fills these pages. I leave room for things to pop up, and for that extra little bit of embellishment.

I loved turning this paper scrap into into this little flip on Sunday.

The bottom section need something, so I trimmed down a Pocket Card and added it to the back with a little washi tape.

I hope you enjoyed a look inside my planner! Make sure to check out my “Plan As I Go” process video on my YouTube channel to see how each day gets filled in! Until next time.

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  1. Julie Deal Mooney

    Rachel, this is so pretty!


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