Personal Rings Set-up with Backyard Blooms & Video

Hello Daisies!

The planner kit for August is filled with luscious bold colors and gorgeous florals! The planner dashboards and pocket memory keeping cards are inspirational and speak to my heart as though Christine designed them specifically for me this month.

My set up for August is pretty simple as we moved in July and while I write this we are still in a hotel waiting to move into our rental home. We will be renting for a good part of a year while we build a new home – COVID caused a few delays but it is all turning out for the best as we have made a few changes to the floor plans and we are in love with what we hope will be our final home! So as we move forward with a grateful heart I am loving this set up for August. The colors are vibrant and happy and everything I want to get us settled in.

I used one of the vellum pieces from the Pocket Memory Keeping kit, laminated it, hole-punched it, and put the sticky notes on it. I love that I can use it as a page marker and it holds my sticky notes, too!

I will be using the colorful 7 days on one page for my gratitude as I have much to be thankful this month!

I find that if I add planner stickers for each week it is easier for me to keep up. The first week of August is planned out and I won’t need to do much. I love using the alphabet stickers for my planning, especially when they are momentous events.

Making a dashboard to separate each section of my planner not only keeps me organized, it is also fun and makes me happy! I speak more about my planner set up in my video which you can watch here

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Until next time <3
Cheryl Reiter



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