One Vellum Sheet, Three Ways

I always love the vellum sheets that come in the Planner Classified kits each month, but don’ t always use them in my planners. This month, I decided to challenge myself to include the sheet and came up with three ways of doing so. I love the foiled wave pattern and am really happy with how I used this.

The first thing I did was to create some faux washi. I trimmed a couple of strips to fit the top part of my Daisy Weeks spread. I used a glue stick to adhere it. The trick to having a flattened piece of vellum that doesn’t curl up or bubble is to cover the whole thing with adhesive and press down firmly. Then, quickly close the booklet and place a heavy object on top. Once the glue dries, the vellum stays firmly in place and is nice and flat.

The next way that I used the vellum was on the calendar view page in my Daisy Weeks. I cut small pieces, the size of the calendar squares, and laid them out into random spaces.

I made sure to do the same thing as I did with the faux washi. As soon as I adhered it I closed the booklet and placed something heavy on it for a few minutes. After that, I decorated around it. I like having spaces filled in my planner that I don’t need to write on. Since this calendar is for my design team  work, it doesn’t fill up as much as my personal schedule one does.

The third way I used the vellum was to create a pocket to serve as a tip in for my weekly spread. I folded the paper so that is was slightly smaller, width wise, than my insert. I added a bit of adhesive along the bottom and used washi to adhere it to the booklet.

The washi served as a way to keep it attached to the planner AND to close the open edge of the pocket. I placed washi on both sides to secure it into space.

I decided to use a piece of the checklist notepaper to create my gratitude list for the week and tucked it right into this little pocket.

As you can see, one piece of vellum really went a long way. I love how the pattern provides for unity throughout my planner and it was fun trying to think of new and creative ways to incorporate it into my spreads. How have you used vellum? Would love to hear! Let me know it the comments. 🙂

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