Vertical Designs in Memory Keeping


On the blog today we are highlighting vertical designs in scrapbooking. Alignment is one of the principles of good design which helps us bring harmony and a visual connection to our memory keeping layouts. I want to mention that misalignment is also something we do in scrapbooking to bring attention to a particular element on our layout. This is a concept we will explore in an upcoming post.

There are various types of alignment we can use from graphical design to help us create a scrapbook layout. Alignment can be created with a horizontal, vertical, or centered orientation. In addition you can create a design that aligns photos and elements along an edge such as left or bottom edge of your paper. There are several principals in vertical alignment that can be used to create your design. Today we are going go focus on vertical alignment created by visually drawing the viewer from the top to the bottom of a page. Design team members Traci and Ria are going to show us two very different layouts using this perspective. Traci is using the Up & Away kits while Ria is using items from her stash.

Traci notes, “When I approached a layout which needed to have a “vertically focused” design, I thought about a few ways in which I could do that besides using the obvious, vertical paper strips. First, I printed my photo at 3×6 to get a more elongated feel. I then chose to layer a 3×4 card beneath the photo in a straight line so that the two together filled up nearly the entire vertical space of the left hand side of the page.”

“The second way I chose to reinforce the vertical focus was with my use of bakers twine and the fun DIY banners included in the Up & Away kit. I strung the twine and the banners up either side of my layout adding some whimsical twists and curls to the twine to keep the lines from being “too” straight.”

“Next, I wanted to include the hot air balloons on the layout because, obviously, with them “floating” up the page it would add to the whole effect.”

“Lastly, I chose to add two spots of horizontal embellishment to actually reinforce the vertical lines by contrasting them. Because there are horizontal word strips at the top and a horizontal title cluster at the bottom, it anchors the whole layout.”

Next we have a travelers notebook design and video walk-through by Ria. “Hi everyone! I know that some crafters are hesitant to move into Traveler’s Notebooks for memory keeping because of the limited space. I’m going to share a technique that you can try if you want to have more working space in a TN : Using Fold Outs. This technique works well with today’s theme to create a vertical design. I made this elongated layout, breaking it up into 4 vertical columns.”

“I created my title entirely with Cocoa Daisy alphabet stickers. These 2 pages open up to reveal an extension of my layout.”

“I needed the extra working space because I wanted to include more info about this place that we visited. I also had more pictures and journaling to add.”

“Next, I embellished my layout using stickers, ephemera and patterned paper from past Cocoa Daisy kits.”

“To add more texture, I used the enamel dots as bullet points for journaling.

There are many ways to include foldouts into your TN. Here are the 2 types you can try to create a similar layout like mine:
1. Trim a 12 x 12 sheet of paper into 8.25” x 8.75” and score at 4.375”. Attach on top of or beside a panel in your TN.
2. Cut out 8.25” x 4.375” sheets of paper and attach beside each other using washi tape. Fold where the paper edges meet. Attach on top of or beside a panel in your TN.

Thank you for checking out my project and I hope you give it a try.”

You can view Ria’s video by clicking here.

We’d love to see your vertically oriented memory keeping documentation. Please consider sharing with us in our Cocoa Daisy Fans Facebook group our by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media.

I hope you get to enjoy some crafting this weekend!


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