April Sticky Notes Fun.

Hi everyone.

Tanti is here.

I’m in love with the April kit because of all the rainbows and the bright colours.

One of my favorite items from the kit is the cloud shaped sticky notes and today,

I want to share with you how I used them in my TN planner.

I love using shaped sticky notes to decorate my planner spreads or memory keeping spreads as shown on the pictures below.

Next, I used them to create a shaped TN pocket.

I glued them on a patterned paper and then fussy cut it.

On the next picture, I glued two sticky note sheets on a piece of cardstock and fussy cut them.

I then laminated them and fussy cut them again.

I made a paperclip and a magnetic pin out of them.

On the paperclip, you could use a non permanent marker to write on it, to mark the page in your planner or just use it as it is.

To make the magnetic pin, I stuck a magnetic tape behind it,

then I punched holes at the bottom edge and knotted some thread through the holes.

Then I attached the enamel raindrops from the planner kit to the thread.

I put the thread between two enamel raindrops that I stuck back to back.

And there you are, we have a cute interactive cloud shaped magnetic pin.

You can also write a little reminder on it using a non permanent marker.

I hope you like the ideas.

If you have any questions, please just write them in the comment section below,

or tag me in the Facebook group.

Thank you so much for joining me today and see you next time.



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